Precision Motorized Positioning Systems

Automated Motorized Fiber Positioning, Photonics Packaging, Optical Device & Fiber Alignment

M-105, M-106 Translation Stages with Crossed Roller Bearings

M-011 Miniature Precision Stages with Magnetic-Kinematic Bearings

M-014 Compact Ultra-High Precision Stages with Magnetic-Kinematic Bearings

M-035 Manual & Piezoelectric Precision Rotation Stages

M-035 DC Motor Driven Precision Rotation Stages

M-036 Manual & Piezoelectric Precision Rotation Stages

M-036 DC Motor Driven Precision Rotation Stages

M-037 Rotation Stages with Worm Gear Drive

M-038 Rotation Stages with Worm Gear Drive

M-041 - M-044 Tilt Stages

Rotation Range Conversion

M-221 - M-226 High Resolution DC-Mike Actuators

M-168 High Resolution Stepper-Mike Actuators

P-853.00, P-854.00 PiezoMike the Piezoelectric Micrometer Drive

Precision Positioning: Difference between Micropositioning and Nanopositioning

M-110, M-111 High Resolution Micro Translation Stages

M-231.17 High Resolution Closed-Loop DC-Mike Actuator

V-106 Voice-Coil Scanning System

Hexapod 6-Axis Parallel Kinematics Positioning Robot

F-206 Six-Axis Parallel Kinematics Positioning and Alignment System

Piezo Controllers

E-480 High Power HVPZT Piezo Amplifier/Controller With Energy Recovery

E-505.00 LVPZT Piezo Amplifier Module

E-507.00 HVPZT Piezo Amplifier Module

E-509 Sensor/Position Servo Control Modules for PZTs

Block Diagram of a Typical PI Piezo Amplifier/Position Servo Controller

E-710.3CD E-710.4CL High Speed Digital Piezo Controllers

NanoCapture-Software for E-710 Digital PZT Controllers

E-612.C0, E-661.CP High Speed NanoAutomation Controllers

E-411.C0 High Speed NanoAutomation Controller

E-662.LR, E-662.SR LVPZT Piezo Amplifier/Position Servo Controller

Precision Motion Control

Piezo Actuators

Piezo Actuator Overview - N-110, N-214 · N-215 NEXLINE® High-Load Piezoelectric Nanopositioning Motor / Linear Actuator

P-170 P-178 Open & Closed Loop Piezo Translators

P-244, P-245 Preloaded Open & Closed Loop Piezo Translators

P-239 Preloaded Open & Closed Loop Piezo Translators

P-242, P-246 Preloaded Open & Closed Loop High Load Piezo Translators

P-243 P-247 Preloaded Open & Closed Loop EHL Piezo Translators

P-286, P-288, P-289 Bimorph Piezo Disk Translators With Long Travel Range

PL-122 … PL-140 Bimorph Piezoelectric Multilayer Bender Actuator

PT 120 PT 130 Piezo Tube Actuators

Customized OEM Piezo Transducer Assemblies

Piezo Flexure Positioners

Ultra Small NanoAutomation Stages - Piezo Flexure Stages

P-730, P-731 XY Piezo Flexure NanoPositioners and Scanners

P-762 Family of Piezo Flexure NanoPositioners and Scanners

P-770 Large Aperture XY Piezo Flexure NanoPositioner and Scanner

P-281, P-282 XY and XYZ Piezo Block Translator Flexure NanoPositioners and Scanners

P-287 Vertical / Tilt Piezo Flexure Stage, Nano-Positioner

P-290.00 Long Range Piezo Flexure Stage (Macroscale Piezoelectric Actuator)

Why Use Piezo Flexure Stages and Piezo Motion Technologies?

P-720, P-721 PIFOC® Microscope Objective NanoPositioners & Scanners

PIFOC® P-722, P-723 Microscope Objective NanoPositioners & Scanners

P-780 Miniature Piezo Flexure NanoPositioners

Piezo Active Optics


Piezo Basics: The Piezoelectric Effect - Fundamentals of Piezoelectricity and Piezoelectric Motion

Piezo Ceramics Manufacturing Process


Displacement of Piezo Actuators (Stack & Contraction Type)

Mechanical Considerations

Mechanical Considerations

Mechanical Considerations for Dynamic Operation of PZTs

Electrical Requirements for Piezo Operation

Piezo Motion: Electrical Requirements for Piezo Operation

Position Servo Control (Closed Loop Operation)

High Resolution Sensors for Nanometer-Class Positioning Devices

Temperature Effects

Lifetime of Piezoelectric Actuators (PZTs)

Basic Designs of Piezoelectric Positioning Elements: Piezo Stacks and Tubes

Introduction to Piezo Positioning Technology

Basic Designs of Piezoelectric Positioning Elements: Benders, Bimorph, Disks

Basic Designs of Piezoelectric Positioning Elements: Piezo Flexure Guided Stages and Actuators

Mounting and Handling Guidelines for Piezo Stack Actuators

Electrostrictive Actuators

Piezoelectric Effect: Motion Applications Summary

Basic Designs of Piezoelectric Positioning Elements: Actuators, Transducers, Motors

PI - Piezo Motion Control, Nano Positioning

News & Events

Confocal Microscopy: Nanometer Precision in Milliseconds: Ideal Application Field for Piezo NanoPositioners

Digital Controller Line Expanded More Bits to Byte into Your Positioning Applications

Fast and Accurate Active Optics

Fiber-Chip-Couplers for Telecommunication. PI PiezoMikes used in alignment unit patented by Heinrich-Hertz-Institut, Germany

Hexapod +3 Redundant Measuring Systems / Legs Medical Robot with Highest Levels of Reliability

Hexapod for Spine Surgery / Surgical Robot / Computer Aided Surgery

Interferometric Telescopes Alenia Aerospazio, Italy, designs Mirror Stabilization with PI Piezo Actuators

Precision XY Linear Translation Stage for Metrology by PI miCos

Micropositioning Platform with Piezo Tube Drives from PI Ceramic

The 2008 PI (Physik Instrumente) NanoInnovation Grant™

New Fiber Alignment Software for the F-206 Mini-Hexapod

New Nanopositioning Stage for Super-Planar Motion

New: Ultra-Small Nanopositioning Stages

News & Precision Motion Product Announcements: Archive 2006-2014

Low-Cost Motion-Amplified Piezo Actuator

PI USA acquires MICOS GmbH Precision Positioning Product Distribution for American Market

Q-Motion Miniature Stages - Compact Piezo Positioners

Satellite Dishes, Hexapods & More: Precision Aligning Systems

Waterproof and Oil-Proof Industrial Piezo Actuators, High Dynamics, for Tough Environments

The PIglide MB air bearing stage is linear servo motor driven with fully preloaded air bearings and an integral optical linear encoder. This stage offers ultra-precision in a miniature package. The combination of non-contact components results in a frictionless motion platform that offers the highest performance, quality, and life. This stage is ideally suited for many high precision applications, such as metrology, photonics alignment, optics positioning, and scanning. The non-contact design also makes these stages ideal for cleanroom applications. There are no moving electrical cables to manage. The air bearing offers a locking design for the ultimate in position stability.
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A-141 Miniature Air Bearing Stage

Ultra-Compact Air Bearing Stage

  • 40mm travel
  • 3.5kg load
  • 20nm resolution
  • 57x83mm table; 38mm height
  • 0.25m/sec max. velocity
  • 0.35g max. acceleration