Fast and Accurate Active Optics

PI is the market and know-how pioneer in fast active optics (piezo tilt mirror systems). In addition to equipping the largest astronomical telescopes (Fig. 4), we supply compact units for small mirrors to OEM customers (Fig. 5), laser beam guiding systems or dynamical error compensation in exposure systems, image processing and setting systems. 
Active optics at PI feature a number of vital attributes that are decisive in research and industry: 

A) PI employs first-grade piezo ceramics that are specifically manufactured for us by our subsidiary PI Ceramic. These materials excel in exemplifying high stiffness, large deflection and an exceptionally long life. Using these ceramics, systems with resonant frequencies in the kHz region at lifetimes of several billion cycles can be produced.

B) PI draws on the experience of our subsidiary GSG Elektronik by using state-of-the-art electronics that capitalized on the theoretically unlimited resolution open to piezo translators and capacitive sensors by successfully implementing these features practically. Fast digital or analog controllers simplify connection to a diverse assortment of systems.

C) PI can draw on a formidable assortment of the latest hi-tech equipment for model design, simulation and evaluation. Our team of scientists and engineers incorporate Finite Element Analysis (FEA) simulation, stress and vibration analysis by scanning laser vibrometers, testing and control with laser interferometers and autocollimators and other tools (long established at PI) to design cutting-edge technologically innovative products.

D) PI verfügt über ein weltweit einmaliges System-Integrations-Know-how im Bereich Aktorik, Sensorik, Mechanik-Design und Digitalelektronik. 

Fig. 4: 250 mm tip/tilt steering mirror unit (mirror not shown), digital controller and an ultra-fast capacitive sensor controller (fiber link interface) for the Keck Outrigger telescope in Hawaii. A total of 4 telescopes will be set up. Tilt range: +/-150 µrad, resolution: nanorad region.

This is a legacy product that may have limited availability or may have been replaced. Ask a PI engineer for an equivalent new model.

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