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Solutions to Improve Productivity, Quality, and Precision

Hexapods solve demanding alignment and positioning applications including photonics, aerospace, life-sciences, and automotive production.

Piezo transducers smaller than 1mm can be used in endoscopy or in active implants.

Integrated, flexure-guided, and motion-amplified actuators and nanopositioning stages provide convenience and performance for the OEM designer and scientist.

Advanced error correction methods improve dynamic performance & accuracy of motion systems.

Fast algorithms and mechanisms speed up processes in automation, test & assembly of SiP components.

“Rocking Crazy” – fine tuning of image stabilization algorithms with PI’s shaker hexapod.

Nanometer precision measuring and positioning technology is a major enabler for rapid advances in this field.

Advanced additive manufacturing now requires micron and sub-micron scale precision.

Piezo flexure platforms provide high dynamics, resolution, and stability.

High speed, long travel, and nanometer precision are no longer mutually exclusive.

In a recent test, we used a gyroscope to provide feedback to a hexapod controller to compensate for multi-degree-of-freedom disturbances.

Piezo actuators designed for 100 billion cycles without failures – good enough for NASA!

What's New 

Learn about the latest advances in software, control algorithms, and motion systems hardware available to design engineers and scientists in the laser processing, optics, and photonics industries.

PI will highlight new gantries, air bearings and precision motion control sub-systems for laser material processing, high resolution metrology / microscopy and silicon photonics (SiP) alignment engines in addition to novel piezoceramic drive solutions at Photonics West in San Francisco, starting February 4, 2020.

Flexible compact XY / XYZ gantry motion system provides overhead motion for industrial automation applications in assembly, pick-and-place, alignment, inspection, and custom 3D printer design.

What We Make (Selection of Products)

Who We Are

PI is a leading manufacturer of precision motion & automation sub-systems and components including Piezo Mechanics, Air Bearings, Linear Motors, Hexapod 6-Axis Systems, Microscope Stages, Motor Controllers, Piezo Nanopositioning Systems, and Electroceramic Motors. Applications include photonics, bio-nanotechnology, medical devices, and semiconductor manufacturing.

PI has over 40 years of experience developing and manufacturing standard & custom precision motion products. PI has been ISO 9001 certified since 1994 and provides innovative, high-quality solutions for industry, OEM, and research.

PI is present worldwide, employing over 1,300 staff. With fifteen subsidiaries and design, manufacturing and service centers on 3 continents, we can provide and support the broadest spectrum of high precision motion systems in the world. 

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