M-014 Compact Ultra-High Precision Stages with Magnetic-Kinematic Bearings

  • Travel Range 25 mm
  • Straightness/Flatness £ 0.3 µm
  • PZT Drive for Scanning and Tracking Applications
  • 0.1 µm Resolution w/ Closed Loop DC Motor
  • 5 nm Resolution with Closed Loop PZT Drive
  • 30 mm ø Clear Aperture

Application examples: Microscopy, quality control, metrology, semiconductor test systems...

M-014 Ultra-High Precision magnetically coupled stages use the force of integrated magnets to preload the stage. This magnetic preload results in extremely uniform and smooth motion with minimum friction. Unlike conventional stages, where two bearings with limited parallelism guide the carriage (inducing runout and rotational errors) in M-014 stages only one of the two linear bearings has a guiding function (V-groove) while the second bearing only supports (U-groove) the top platform.

The coupling between the stage and the drive units (DC motor drives, PZTs, micrometer drives) is not rigid but via magnets. This design allows only on-axis forces (drive direction) to be transmitted to the stage. Thus torque based positioning errors induced by non parallelism between the drive axis and the linear bearing axis are eliminated.

M-014 is available in 6 versions:

The basic version, M-014.00, is equipped with a precision manual micrometer providing a sensitivity of 1 µm. M -014.D0 is equipped with a closed loop DC motor drive providing 0.1 µm minimum incremental motion.

For both the manual and motorized version, closed loop and open loop PZT drives are available. They provide 5 nm minimum incremental motion over a travel range of 45 µm and allow for dynamic operation such as scanning and tracking. The closed loop PZT drive provides repeatability of 90 nm (see "PZT Actuators" section for further details on PZT actuators and recommended drivers).

All stages can be cross stacked and combined with the M-053.10  (manual versions) and M-053.20 (motorized versions) Z-axis mounting bracket to provide multi-axis motion. Vertical use of the M-014 is only permitted with loads less than 0.5 kg. For vertical positioning with loads in excess of 0.5 kg we recommend M-126 stages and the 125.90 Z-axis mounting bracket.

M-014 stages without PZT drives or DC motor drives can be upgraded at a later date. 

This is a legacy product that may have limited availability or may have been replaced. Ask a PI engineer for an equivalent new model.

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