Precision XY Linear Translation Stage for Metrology by PI miCos

The PI miCos MCS XY precision linear translation stage was designed for industrial metrology applications such as surface metrology, materials research, topographical measurements in semiconductor test & inspection, flat-panel manufacturing as well as optical inspection of precision machined parts.

For use in the above mentioned fields, extreme straightness of motion and high dynamics are essential. During the development PI miCos focused on combining industrial robustness with very high accuracy and precision as well as a high load bearing capacity. The positioning system can handle loads to 45 lbs and still provide resolution as high as 5 nanometers and repeatability of 0.2 µm thanks to its novel PIOne interferometric linear encoder. Even 1 nm resolution is feasible with reduced maximum speed.

The XY stage provides 4" travel range in two orthogonal axes and achieves ± 2 µm straightness and flatness of motion and yaw of only ± 20 µrad and pitch of ± 40 µrad.

Several motor options are available. For applications where closed-loop operation is not required, open-loop stepper motors are offered. Several closed-loop versions are available for higher demands: stepper motors, DC servo motors and linear motors.

With the compact SMC Hydra motion controller from PI miCos, MCS stages achieve velocity ranges from 1 µm/second to 200 mm/second.

The MCS XY precision positioning stage can be combined with rotational axes and goniometric axes as well. 

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