E-509 Sensor/Position Servo Control Modules for PZTs

  • Position Servo Control
  • Increases Piezo Stiffness
  • Eliminates Drift & Hysteresis
  • For Capacitive Sensors, Strain Gage Sensors & LVDT Sensors


E-509 is a displacement sensor module with an integrated position servo controller for closed loop Piezo positioning systems. Versions for three different sensor types are available: Strain Gage Sensors, LVDT (Linear Variable Differential Transformers) and Capacitive Sensors. One and three channel modules are available for Strain Gage Sensors and LVDT Sensors. The capacitive sensor module is available as a one, two and three channel version.

The position servo control part of the E-509 is identical for all versions: an analog P-I (Proportional Integral) controller. Proportional and integral gain can be set internally by trimmers. Sensor bandwidth and control bandwidth can also be set. A notch filter allows operation of the piezo positioning system closer to its mechanical resonant frequency.

E-509 compensates for drift and hysteresis of Piezo actuators. It also increases the stiffness of a Piezo by quickly adjusting the operating voltage on the Piezo as soon as a change in force or load occurs. 

E-509 is not a stand alone system. It requires the E-500/E-501 chassis, the E-471 or E-480 amplifier with integrated power supply to function as a PZT servo controller.


E-509.C1 PZT Sensor/ Controller Module, Capacitive Sensor
E-509.L1 PZT Sensor/ Controller Module, LVDT Sensor
E-509.S1 PZT Sensor/ Controller Module, Strain Gage Sensor
E-509.C2 PZT Sensor/ Controller Module, Capacitive Sensor, 2 Channels
E-509.C3 PZT Sensor/ Controller Module, Capacitive Sensor, 3 Channels
E-509.L3 PZT Sensor/ Controller Module, LVDT Sensor, 3 Channels
E-509.S3 PZT Sensor/ Controller Module, Strain Gage Sensor, 3 Channels



displacement sensor electronics and position servo controller for PZTs


1 (E-509.x1), 2 (E-509.C2), 3 (E-509.x3)

Sensor types

strain gages (E-509.Sx), LVDTs (E-509.Lx), capacitive sensors (E-509.Cx)

Servo characteristics

P-I (analog) + notch filter

Rear connector

32-pin connector

Sensor socket

LEMO ERA.0S.304.CLL (E-509.Cx: LEMO EPL.00.250.NTD)

Sensor monitor
output socket

LEMO ERA.0S.303.CLL (3 channel versions)
BNC (1 & 2 channel versions)


one 7T slot wide, 3H high


0.35 kg (E-509.x3); 0.25 kg (E-509.x2); 0.2 kg (E-509.x1)

Operating voltage

requires E-530/E-531 power supply (E-500/E-501 system, etc.)

This is a legacy product that may have limited availability or may have been replaced. Ask a PI engineer for an equivalent new model.

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