for Telecommunication. PI PiezoMikes used in alignment unit patented by Heinrich-Hertz-Institut, Germany

Researchers at the Heinrich-Hertz-Institut, Berlin, Germany have developed a new compound system (consisting of an adjusting bench and module) for the implementation of high precision fiber-to-chip couplings. The new patented solution (DE 19536 185 AI, DE 19536 173 AI) targets customers who need better performance in terms of damping than standard industrial systems provide today.
Fig. 1 shows the thermally controllable module for coupling of optical fibers to

optoelectronic components such as laser amplifiers, laser diodes and optical modulators. Coupling losses are as low as 3 dB typical.
For coupling and adjusting an optical fiber to a chip, the specially designed adjustment bench is required (Fig. 2).

This device is based on three PI model P-853 and P-854 PiezoMike drives providing coarse travel to 18 mm and resolution on the order of 1 nm.
Single mode fibers and polarization preserving fibers (e.g. Panda fibers) can be coupled with an angular accuracy of 0.5°.
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Special thanks U. H. P. Fischer of Heinrich-Hertz- Institut für Nachrichtentechik Berlin GmbH for the technical and graphical information.

This is a legacy product that may have limited availability or may have been replaced. Ask a PI engineer for an equivalent new model.

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