Waterproof and Oil-Proof Industrial Piezo Actuators, High Dynamics, for Tough Environments

PI Ceramic multilayer piezo actuators (PICMA) are known for their outstanding performance and lifetime, passing 100 Billion Cycles of life testing for the Mars Mission. Now, a new waterproof and oil-proof actuator version for harsh industrial environments is available. Encapsulated in a hermetically sealed stainless steel container also providing mechanical pre-stress, these industrial-class piezo linear drives are ready for the toughest applications. In extreme operating conditions, where oil, splash water or continuously high humidity prevails, the hermetically sealed container with its inert-gas filling protects the piezoelectric ceramics. 

High Dynamics Applications, Verison with Extra Heat Dissipation 
For highly dynamic, high frequency motion, yet another version optimized for maximum heat dissipation is available. Here, a special heat conducting compound that does not impair the actuator displacement replaces the inert gas filling. The stainless steel casing is ideal for additional cooling measures with water or compressed air. Longterm working frequencies up to 10 times higher compared to a conventional actuator (without the heat conducting compound), are feasible, for example up to 3.5 kHz full travel with the P-885.95, 36 µm actuator.

Precision motion, high dynamic motion, force generation in industrial applications or harsh environments with oil, splash water and extemely high humidity

Custom Designs 
PI has a long history of working with instrumentation manufacturers and can easily modify existing designs or completely customize piezo devices to fit the exact requirements of the application.

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