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Category: Microscopy

Optical Delay Line Stages – How Do They Work?

Turning Nanometers into Femtoseconds and Attoseconds

How Fast Nano-Focusing and Z-Scanning Mechanisms Advance Life Sciences, Biotech, Laser Processing, and Semiconductors

Linear Motors and Piezo Drives Solve Different Problems

Setting up and Adjusting a Fluorescent Microscope for Reliable Examination Results

PI Supports the GATTAscope Project

Motion Platforms & Microscopy: Key Principles

PI Motion Platforms & Microscopy: Key Principles

Nanometer Resolution for SNOM, AFM, SR-Microscopy

IsoView Light Sheet Microscope: Open Source Project Relies on PI Nanopositioning Systems

System Configuration: Nanopositioning Stages for Inverted Microscopes

How to Combine Motorized Stages, Piezo Stages and Sample Holders

Flamingo Light Sheet Microscopes Rely on Precision Motion Components from PI

Precise Sample Positioning is Crucial for Conclusive Images

Why Super-Resolution Microscopy Benefits from Piezo Technology

How Nanopositioning Mechanisms Improve Performance of High Resolution Microscopy in DNA-Origami, DNA-Paint, and TIRF Techniques

Nano-Positioning Systems for Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)

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