XYZ Linear Stages – Motorized Multi-Axis Precision Positioning Systems

XYZ translation stages (3-axis stages) provide precision multi-axis motion in 3 linear degrees of freedom. These positioning systems are often used in precision automation applications, in optics, micro-robotics, imaging and highly accurate mechanical assembly. All PI XYZ motorized positioning stages can be computer controlled with a variety of motion controllers, including simple bench top devices and advanced industrial controllers with EtherCat connectivity. 

PI provides multi-axis gantry solutions, X-Y-Z combinations assembled from individual linear stages and custom systems with custom bracketry and guaranteed orthogonality. 

Rotational axes can also be integrated, for 5 and 6-axis motion applications, hexapod parallel kinematic positioning systems are recommended.

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Custom Tuned, Aligned, and Corrected 2-Axis and 3-Axis Stage Assemblies

X-417 Scalable Integrated Multi-Axis Positioning System w/ Controller and Granite Base

The X-417 is a scalable positioning system / motion system with standardized integration levels including flexible travel ranges, payloads, mounting options, and accessories. Standard configurations include 2-axis and 3-axis stages with optional granite base, machine base, and custom tuned controller. Learn more on our engineered motion systems and granite-based motion systems.

Details  PDF Catalog  t3://file?uid=46625

More Custom Multi-Axis Motion System Examples: Split Bridge Assemblies

XYZ Granite Motion System using V-508 linear stages in granite bridge counterbalance
Air Bearings mounted on granite bridge for XYZ motion
4-axis granite-based system with air bearings for beamline
Complete XYZ air bearing granite motion system with pneumatic counterbalances

XYZ Stages with Mechanical Bearings and Screw Drives or Linear Motor Drives

XY & XYZ Gantry Stages: Air Bearing + Mechanical Bearings

XYZ / Multi-Axis Stages with Mechanical Bearings and Piezo Motors

3-Axis Stages with Flexure Guides and Piezo Drives