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Miniature Linear Stages: X, XY and XYZ, High Precision Motion in a Compact Package

The new L-505 miniature linear stage series provides high precision motion in a very compact package at an affordable price. A large variety of drive and configuration options is offered, from open loop stepper motors with lead screws to fast, servo motor driven units with linear encoders and low-friction ball-screws.  

Two Basic Designs: Folded and Inline

Two basic designs are offered:  A 60mm wide, shorter, lower profile (21mm) version with a folded drive train (motor side-by-side with the platform) and a longer, narrow (36mm) inline version, 25mm profile. Both come in two travel ranges of 1/2” (13mm) and 1” (26mm). 

L-505 Miniature Linear Stage Data Sheet Video More Miniature Positioning Stages Video: L-505 & P-616 in Nano-Alignment Application

XY and XYZ Combinations

XY combinations can be assembled without adapter plates, for XYZ assemblies a Z-bracket is available (see image). 

Motor Options
Four motor options are available for the miniature linear stages: Servo and stepper motors in direct drive or gearhead configurations. 

High Resolution Linear Encoder Feedback for Closed-Loop Operation

All but the open-loop stepper motor variants come with integrated linear encoders.  Linear encoders provide direct position measurement at the motion platform and provide better accuracy and repeatability compared to motor shaft-mounted rotary encoders. The encoder resolution is 5 nanometers for stepper motor versions and 50nm for DC motor versions.

Velocity: Up to 15mm/sec

The direct drive versions of these compact translation stages can achieve velocities up to 15mm/sec, the gear-motor versions up to 1mm/sec.

Combination with Piezo Scanners for Photonics Alignment

For the most demanding applications, such as the fast and precise alignment of photonics components an XYZ piezo scanner option can be added to the linear stages.