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With an included URDF model in the driver package, the H-811.i2 hexapod can also be simulated and visualized.

Ideal for photonics alignment applications, 1 and 2-channel compact options are available.

Hexapods provide a better, compact, high dynamics positioning solution to multi-axis applications over a stack of single-axis stages.

With vacuum levels from 7.5x10-7 Torr (10-6hPa) to 7.5x10-10 Torr (10-9hPa) UHV, the linear stage family also provides high precision, with repeatability to 100 nanometers. Travel ranges from 1” to 4” (26mm to 102mm) are offered.

Completely frictionless motion, no maintenance, and operational in any orientation make this new large air bearing a nanopositioning solution for optical alignment, metrology, inspection, calibration, and scanning.

Long travel ranges, highly accurate and reliable positioning sensor technology, and high speed aligment are features of this new system.

The A-311 XY stage family was recently extended by two new longer travel models and now comprises scanning ranges from 50x50mm to 300x300mm to cover additional precision motion applications in industry and research.

In San Diego, PI will showcase its 6 and 12-axis Fast Multichannel Photonics Alignment Engine and 2-axis linear stage solutions, engineered to reduce costs and improves yield.

At PI’s worldwide headquarters in Karlsruhe, Germany, a long-planned generational change has been implemented in its management as Markus Spanner takes control from his father, Dr. Karl Spanner.

See precision automation solutions for micro-assembly, testing and laser machining as well as piezo transducers for ultrasonic sensors and medical actuators.

Rego’s solid understanding of and relationship with US-based design and manufacturing teams complements his 19 years of growth and leadership in PI’s sales operations.

PI will highlight new gantries, air bearings and precision motion control sub-systems for laser material processing, high resolution metrology / microscopy and silicon photonics (SiP) alignment engines in addition to novel piezoceramic drive solutions at Photonics West in San Francisco, starting February 4, 2020.

New flexible compact XY / XYZ gantry motion system provides overhead motion for industrial automation applications in assembly, pick-and-place, alignment, inspection, and custom 3D printer design.

Low-profile, integrated 2-Axis linear stages provide high precision motion for industrial applications and compllement PI's planar, ultra-high precision air bearing stages.

Flamingo Light Sheet Microscopy (FLSM) sample positioning and movement is powered by the L-505 compact precision linear stage and the U-628 miniature rotary table with ultrasonic-direct drive motor.

Ground has been broken for increasing the multilayer piezo actuator / transducer production facility by 50%, for a total of 210,000ft². The anticipated move-in time is mid-2020.

Compact rotary stages with integrated optical encoder provide fast, precise rotation. Peak torque of 1.2Nm. Maximum angular velocity of 540°/sec (90 RPM).

Developed for industrial instrumentation applications including imaging and microscopy as well as lithography, and alignment applications that require repeatability to the sub-micron.

The affordable L-505 miniature linear stages provide up to 1” travel and 10nm resolution. Servo & Stepper motors.

Unique linear motor stages: Matchbox-sized, 200mm/sec fast, 10 nanometer encoder resolution. Easy to control and integrate into industrial automation.

Combining precision mechanisms, intelligent controllers, and advanced algorithms to help customers solve complex test, metrology, and assembly tasks is one of the strengths of PI’s engineering teams. 

New digital piezo controller now features EtherCat® connectivity for easy integration in industrial precision automation systems.

A faster, higher precision variation of PI’s popular NanoCube® XYZ piezo flexure stage combines with motorized stages for nano-scale automation.

PI Ceramic’s latest family of miniaturized piezo transducers comprises, tubes, plates, rings, spheres, benders and discs in traditional and multilayer technology.

PI’s 412 Mid-size linear stage family for industrial automation complements the larger 417 high-load stages.

Built for demanding high performance piezo applications in industrial automation and R&D. 

PI will highlight its new gantries, automation sub-systems for laser material processing, and silicon photonics (SiP) alignment engines in addition to novel piezoceramic drive solutions and motion and control technologies at Photonics West in San Francisco, starting February 5, 2019.

Rego’s solid understanding of and relationship with US-based internal design and manufacturing teams complements his 18 years of growth and leadership in PI’s sales operations.

Most types of super resolution microscopes, atomic force microscopes or electron beam microscopes rely on nanopositioning mechanisms to improve resolution, focusing speed, and stability. 

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