Linear Stage - Precision Positioners Overview

PI offers a great variety of linear stage positioning systems for micro and nano precsion requirements.

Nanopositioning linear stages can be based on three different principles: piezo drives with frictionless flexure linear guides; magnetic linear motors with air bearings; and "bearing free" - guided by magnetic levitation. PI offers all three solutions.

Micropositioningmotorized linear stages are based on rotary stepper and servo motors or linear motors, guided by cross roller and linear bearings.

Several types of drives are available: Rotary stepper motors, rotary servo motors (brushless and brushed), servo motors with gearhead for higher torque/resolution, magnetic linear motors and piezo linear motors. With piezo linear motors, drive screws, gears and coupling elements are not required, reducing size and complexity while increasing reliability at the same time. Piezo motors are self-locking at rest providing excellent long term stability.

Position feedback is provided by linear encoders or motor mounted rotary encoders.

Benefits of working with PI: Access to the broadest and deepest portfolio of precision motion technologies in the world; engineers who understand your applications and match it to the appropriate motion technology, be it a stepper motor driven lead screw system or a compact piezo linear motor drive.

PI's selection of Compact Linear Stages and rotary positioners provides high precision motion in a very small package.

Motorized Stage Selection

Piezo-Flexure Linear Stages (Short Travel, High Dynamics)

Motorized Linear Stages (Long Travel, Lower Dynamics)

P-752 Piezo Linear Stage

  • High Performance Nano-Positioning Stage
  • 30 µm Travel, Millisecond Response
  • 0.1 nm Resolution
  • Nanometer Precise Trajectory Control
  • High-Performance Multilayer Piezo Linear Drives


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M-122 Compact Motorized Stage

  • 25mm Linear Positioning Range, 0.1 µm Resolution
  • Linear Encoder for Higher Accuracy & Repeatability
  • 20 mm/sec Speed
  • Precision Cross-Roller Bearings & Low-Friction Ball Screw Drives for Long Lifetimes


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P-712 Linear Scanner

  • 40 µm Travel
  • 0.2 Nanometers Resolution
  • Fast: 5 Milliseconds Settling Time
  • 30µm Travel
  • Compact Design 40x40x6 mm
  • Long Life Piezo Actuator Drives


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M-110 Compact Motorized Linear Positioner

  • Affordable Precision
  • Resolution from 50 Nanometers
  • Choice of Travel: 5mm, 15mm & 25 mm
  • Choice of Servo & Stepper Motors
  • Choice of Leadscrew and Ball Screw Drives
  • Vacuum-Option


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PIHera Linear Vertical Positioner

  • Up to 400 µm Z-Travel
  • Compact & Low Profile
  • Better than 1 nm Resolution
  • Vacuum-Option
  • Zero-Friction Guiding System
  • X, XY, Z & XYZ Combinations


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M-126 Motorized Positioning Stage for Micropositioning

  • Choice of Stepper & Servo-Motor
  • Precision Cross Roller Bearings
  • Motorized Positioning Range: 25mm, Resolution better than 0.1 Micrometer
  • Multiaxis Combinations


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PInano® Z-Nano-Positioner for Slide Scanning

  • 200 µm Travel, 5 Millisec Response
  • Precision Nanopositioning Z-Scanner for Microscope Slides
  • 1 Nanometer Resolution
  • Frictionless Guiding System

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M-501 Motorized Micro-Positioning Elevator-Stage

  • Sub-Micron Precision Elevator Stage
  • 1/2" Vertical Travel
  • High Power DC Motor & Zero-Backlash Ballscrews
  • High-Resolution Optical Encoder


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P-737 Z-Nanopositioner for Sample Positioning / Scanning

  • Fast Z-Motion (Milliseconds), Travel to 500 Microns
  • Nanometer Resolution
  • Large Aperture

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M-451 High-Load Motorized Elevator Z-Stage

  • 1/2" Motorized Positioning Range
  • High Stiffness, Self Locking Elevator Design for up to 12 kg Load
  • Design Resolution 0.003 Microns
  • Minimum Incremental Motion better than 0.1 Micron
  • Compatible with P-500 Series and PIMars™ Nanopositioners

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PIHera XY Nano-Positioner

  • To 1.8 mm XY Travel
  • Nanometer Resolution
  • Zero-Friction Guiding System
  • High-Performance Piezo Actuator Drives
  • Multiaxis Combinations
  • Vacuum-Option

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M-714 Linear Stage with Hybrid Piezo & Servo Motor Drive

  • Hybrid Stage Offers Best of Both Worlds: Piezo & Motor
  • Reliable Execution of Extremely Small Steps
  • Linear Encoder with 2 Nanometers Resolution
  • Quick Settling to Nanometer Stability
  • Very Smooth Velocity Control
  • Active Backlash Compensation
  • Active Stick/Slip Compensation
  • High Holding Force


NanoCube® XYZ Nano-Positioning Stage

  • Compact Multiaxis Motion: 100 Microns in XYZ
  • 1 Nanometer Resolution
  • High Speed: Ideal for Photonics Alignment & Packaging
  • Choice of Closed- & Open-Loop
  • Frictionless Flexure-Type Guides

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M-403/M-414 Cost Efficient Motorized Stage

  • High Performance at Low Cost
  • Choice of Motorized Positioning Ranges: 25mm to 300 mm
  • Design Resolution to 0.017µm
  • Minimum Incremental Linear Motion to 0.1 Micron
  • Choice of Stepper and Servo Motors
  • Choice of Preloaded Leadscrews or Ball Screws
  • Choice of Base Widths: 80mm / 120mm

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Six-Axis, Piezo-Stage

  • For Scanning and Positioning in all Six Degrees of Freedom
  • Linear Range 800x800x200 Microns
  • Rotational Range to 10mrad
  • Zero Friction Guides
  • Capacitive Direct Metrology for Highest Accuracy
  • High - Performance Piezo Drives

Specifications/Order Info | PDF

M-415 High-Precision Motorized Linear Stage

  • Motorized Positioning Range to 150 mm
  • Cross Roller Bearings
  • Choice of Servo and Stepper Motors
  • Knob for Manual Position Adjustment

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P-713 Compact XY Piezo Scanner

  • Ideal Imaging & Pixel Substepping
  • Compact and Low Profile
  • Linear Travel: 15x15µm

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M-605 Compact Motorized Linear Stage for Micropositioning

  • Zero-Backlash Ballscrew and Linear-Scale for Higher Precision
  • Motorized Positioning Range to 50mm
  • Compact, yet high Speed to 50mm/sec

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P-733 Direct Drive XY / XYZ Stage

  • Resolution to 0.1 Nanometer
  • Very Fast with Direct Drive
  • Resonant Frequency >2kHz
  • Frictionless Flexure-Type Guides
  • Long Life Piezo Actuataors
  • Capacitive Feedback for Higheer Linearity
  • Vacuum Option

Specifications/Order Info | PDF

M-505 Low-Profile Motorized Linear Stage

  • Choice of Motorized Positioning Ranges 2, 4 and 6 inches
  • Zero-Backlash Ballscrew
  • Up to 50 mm/sec
  • High Load to 100 kg


P-733 XY Piezo Nano-Positioning Stage

  • Positioning Range 100x100 Microns in XY
  • Frictionless Flexure-Type Guides
  • Resolution <0.3 Nanometer
  • Capacitive Feedback
  • UHV Vacuum Option
  • High-Performance Piezo Drives

Specifications/Order Info | PDF

M-5x1 High-Load Linear Micro-Positioning Stage

  • Motorized Positioning Range 4", 8" and 12"
  • Fast: Speed to 125 mm/sec
  • Optical Linear Encoder
  • Zero-Backlash Ballscrew
  • High Load Capacity 100 kg

Specifications/Order Info | PDF

P-527 Multi-Axis, Piezo Linear Stage

  • Choice of XY , XYZ and XY-Rotation
  • Frictionless Flexure Guides
  • Choice of 100µm and 200µm Positioning Range
  • High-Performance Piezo Actuators

Specifications/Order Info | PDF

Hybrid Nanopositioning Stage

  • Hybrid Positioning Drive Combines Best of Piezo & Servomotor Worlds
  • Reliable Execution of Nanometer Size Steps
  • Encoder with 2 Nanometer Resolution
  • Long Travel Range: 100 mm, 125 mm/sec Speed
  • Quick Settling to Nanometer Stability
  • Very Smooth Velocity Control
  • Active Backlash Compensation
  • Active Stick/Slip Compensation

Specifications/Order Info | PDF

P-615 NanoCube® XYZ Piezo Stage

  • XYZ Positioning Range to 350µm
  • Precision Flexure Guides
  • High-Performance Piezo Actuators


U-521 PILine® Linear Positioning Stage

  • Smallest Translation Stage with Closed-Loop Motor Drive and Encoder
  • 20 mm Travel Range
  • Velocity up to 500 mm/s
  • Accelerations up to 20 g
  • Resolution to 0.1 Micron
  • Integrated Direct-Metrology Encoder
  • AutoLock Feature
  • XY Combinations Available
  • 20,000 h MTBF
  • Vacuum Versions Available s with Closed-Loop Ultrasonic Piezo Motors

Specifications/Order Info | PDF

P-562 PIMars™ XYZ Piezo Linear Stage

  • To 300µm XYZ- Positioning Range and 6 Axis Version Available
  • Capacitive Feedback for Highest Precision
  • UHV Option for 10-9 hPa
  • Long Life Piezo Actuators

Specifications/Order Info | PDF

Q-545 Q-Motion® Precision Linear Stage

  • Travel Range 25 mm
  • Max. Velocity 400 mm/s
  • Ultra-Low Profile, 15 mm
  • Direct Metrology Encoder with 0.1 µm Resolution
  • High Guiding Accuracy with Crossed Roller Bearings
  • Compact XY Combinations
  • Piezo Motor with 6 N Drive Force
  • Self Locking at Rest

Specifications/Order Info | PDF

PInano® XYZ Piezo Positioning Stage for Microscope

  • 200µm XYZ Positioning Range, High Speed Direct Drive Version Available
  • Choice of Position Feedback Sensors (cost / performance)
  • Long Life Piezo Actuators
  • Low Cost & High Performance

Description & Specs | Microscope Stage Catalog | PDF

M-683 Precision Piezo Motor Translation Stage

  • Max. Velocity 350 mm/s
  • Low Profile: Only 21 mm Height
  • Compact XY Combination Possible
  • Piezo Motor with 6 N Force Generation
  • Direct Metrology Encoder, 0.1 µm Resolution
  • 50 mm Travel Ranges
  • Excellent Guiding Accuracy Through Crossed Roller Bearings
  • Self-Locking at Rest


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