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Z-Tip/Tilt Air Bearing Table combines to 5-Axis Stage for Wafer and Laser Processing, Alignment, Automation

Low profile 3-axis air bearing table with nanometer precision combines with 2-axis planar air bearing stage for 5-axis low profile wafer stage for 24/7 wear free, high speed alignment, processing precision automation tasks.

The new A-523 multi-axis air bearing table is well-suited for high precision alignment automation applications, such as wafer inspection, fiber positioning, optics positioning, flat screen inspection, maskless lithography, and µ-LED manufacturing. PI’s air bearing systems and positioning systems are cleanroom-compatible. The 3-axis stage can be combined with PI’s 2-axis, planar XY stages  (link new planar stage blog) to form a compact, low profile 5-axis stage.  See video on the right for demonstration of the 5-axis motion system as shown at the Photonics West conference.

Nanometer Resolution, Zero-Wear and Maintenance-Free

The A-523 Z-Tip-Tilt low profile nano-positioning and alignment stage is based on zero friction motion concept with air bearings and high accuracy ironless 3-phase linear motors. The parallel-kinematics air bearing technology design with 3 linear motors and high-precision optical encoders (1 nanometer resolution) combines high accuracy and force capacity with an ultra-low profile. The compact format provides a rotation range up to 2° for tilt axes and 5mm Z-travel. 

Large Platform Diameter, Low Profile and High Dynamics

The direct drive design and lack of rotating elements, such as spindles and gears, provides for very high dynamics with acceleration to 10m/sec, high speed and outstanding positional repeatability with zero backlash. The 250mm diameter (10”) platform has a high load capacity of of 8kg (~18lbs), while the low profile of only 60mm (2.4”) keeps the center of gravity down, a great advantage in dynamic applications.

6-DOF Combinations, High Performance Motion Controllers for FastAlignment

The A-523 PIglide stage can be combined with the A-361 XYθ 3-axis air bearing stage to form a very compact and low profile 6-axis precision motion system. Both 3-DOF positioners are operated by a high performance, EtherCat based ACS multi-axis motion controller. 

Background: How do Air Bearing Tables Work?

Air bearing tables rely on a thin air film that replaces the rolling elements in mechanical bearings. The preloaded air film averages any surface roughness leading to extremely smooth motion with excellent straightness and flatness of motion. Air bearings are free of stiction, friction and require no maintenance.

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