6-Axis Stages / Parallel Manipulators with PiezoWalk Motors

In addition to the more traditional 6-axis Hexapod parallel kinematic motion platforms, based on 6 actuators and servo motors, PI also offers  a number of compact, high-precision 6-axis positioners based on piezo motor drives.  

Low Profile Parallel/Serial Kinematics 6-Axis Positioning and Alignment Platforms
The 6-axis precision positioning systems described here are based on a combination of serial and parallel kinematics. Three stacked two-axis linear stages (XY) actuate a tripod in parallel, providing highly precise motion in all 6 degrees of freedom. Each of the 6 linear stages is equipped with a linear piezo motor and a high resolution linear encoder (nanometer or sub-nanometer resolution).

6-Axis Piezo Motor Stages

N-865 High End Low Profile 6-Axis Motion Platform
N-865 is based on the high performance PiezoWalk drives and high-end PIone linear encoders. These special encoders manufactured by PI have been tested to provide resolution down to the picometer range. With an extremely high pitch grid period of only 0.5µm, and a read head based on a Mach-Zehnder interferometer, they can deliver exceptional linearity.

  • 13x13x10mm XYZ travel
  • 14x14x16° rotary travel
  • 1.5kg load
  • <0.5nm sensor resolution
  • 5mm/sec max. velocity
  • For ultra-precision requirements

Additional 6-Axis Positioning Systems