Hexapod - Miniature 6-Axis System

M-810 Miniature Hexapod 6-Axis Precision Positioning System Provides High Forces

Six Axis Stage in a Small Package
With several decades of Hexapod (Stewart Platform) design and manufacturing experience, PI electro-mechanical Hexapods and Piezo Hexapods are the most advanced multi-axis precision positioning systems, providing significantly higher accuracy and resolution than hydraulically driven stages and hexapods. The new M-810 miniature Hexapod combines all the advantages of PI’s other proven parallel-kinematic systems in the smallest of packages.

With a diameter of only 10 cm and a height of 11.8 cm, the M-810 offers motion of up to 40 mm in the XY plane and 13 mm in the vertical Z-direction. Despite of its small size, the hexapod can reliably position loads of up to 5 kg at velocities up to 10 mm/s.

High Performance: Long Travel Ranges in Six Axes with Excellent Position Resolution 
The limited space necessitated the usage of new technologies for encoders, motors and limit switches. Nevertheless, control is 100% comparable to previous PI Hexapods. The system comes with a mature and robust 6-axis hexapod motion controller and flexible motion software.

As with other parallel-kinematics positioning stages from PI, the six high-resolution actuators driving the hexapod are connected directly to a single moving platform. The user can define the center of rotation (pivot point) independent of hexapod platform motion with a simple software command. In contrast to conventional, stacked, multi-axis motion systems, there is no accumulation of guiding and lever-arm errors.

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