Nanometer Precision: Piezo Stages for Nanopositioning Applications

Piezo flexure stages are used in applications where nanometer precision, high scanning speeds or fast step and settle are crucial for success. Piezo stages are still the highest performing mechanisms when it comes to nanopositioning applications.

A nanopositioning stage is defined as a positioning device capable of nanometer or sub-nanometer resolution. There are several types of nanopositioners; devices featuring the highest dynamics and precision are piezo-driven, flexure guided and equipped with direct metrology position feedback, such as capacitive sensors.

Choose from a Product Group below

Linear Piezo Nanopositioning Stages (Planar Motion - X)

Vertical and Z/Tip/Tilt Piezo Nanopositioning Stages (Flexure Guided) 

XY Piezo Nanopositioning Stages: <2mm Travel, Flexure Guided

XY Piezo Motor Stages: >10mm Travel, Cross Roller Bearings

XYZ Piezo Nanopositioning Stages: 5µm to 300µm Travel, Flexure Guided

6-Axis Piezo Nanopositioning Stages

Theta Z, Theta X, Theta Y, Piezo Stages – Rotation, Tip/Tilt

Phase Shifters and Tip-Tilt Mirror Platforms – Active Optics

PI provides a large variety of piezo positioners including linear piezo stages, XY piezo stages, vertical piezo stages, XYZ piezo stages and even 6-degree of freedom flexure stages. For microscopy and laser steering applications, piezo z-lens focus devices and piezo tip/tilt mirrors are available.

All PI flexure-guided piezo positioners are built from-friction free, zero-wear components and provide excellent responsiveness with step & settle typically in the millisecond range. The flexure guiding system also guarantees minimal tilt and out-of-plane motion.

Applications such as image scanning, overlay, fast autofocus, interferometry and super-resolution microscopy, greatly benefit from these characteristics. Conventional motorized positioners have too many limitations, such as friction, slow-response and position stability. 

Other Nanopositioning Stages

Air Bearing Nanopositioners: In addition piezo flexure-guided positioners, PI also provides long travel air bearing nanopositioning stages and unique hybrid drives, several types of piezo-motor-driven stages with long travel ranges and miniature positioners with piezo stepper motors. 

For extreme applicationsmagnetic levitation positioners are also available. In other words, PI can provide the appropriate technology for any application.