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Low Cost, High Performance Stepper Motor Translation Stages / Linear Slides for Automation

Designed for multi-axis stacking, optional linear encoder, compact folded drive train option

PI introduces the new L-836 Stepper Motor Linear Slide series. This newly designed motorized linear translation stage family combines high performance, small dimensions, and low cost of ownership. These compact micro-positioning translation stages are driven by a robust, direct-drive rotary stepper motor, available as in-line design and folded drive train design for reduced overall length. 

Ball Screw Drive, Optional Digital Linear Encoder for Direct Position Measurement

Due to the efficient, low-friction ball screw and robust, high performance, brushless stepper motor direct drive, the precision linear translation table achieves relatively high velocity of 40mm/sec and is well suited for automation applications in industry and research.  The precision guiding system makes use of low friction, high performance cross roller bearings, capable of handling loads to 150N (33lbs). The stage can handle push/pull loads of 75N (16lbs).

High Resolution, Repeatability, High Load

When operated in micro-step mode, minimum incremental motion of 0.3 micrometers is achieved.   Even higher positioning precision, higher resolution and repeatability is available with optional digital linear encoders, removing backlash and reversal play due to the direct position measuring optical read head.

XY and XYZ Multi-Axis Stage Combinations

The L-836 stepper motor linear slides were designed with multi-axis motion applications in mind. The moving table platform can be removed, reducing the profile, and an Y stage can be directly bolted on to provide XY linear motion, without the need for additional mounting adapters. When space is limited, as often in motorized precision automation applications, the folded motor option reduces length providing a significant advantage.  

When Ultra-High Speed is Required

For ultra-high speed applications with extreme accelerations,  PI offers industrial long travel linear motor slides such as the V-855 and V-857 compact linear module series with long travel ranges to 1200mm and very high velocity to 5m/sec.

Application Fields

The new L-836 family of stepper motor linear slides are designed for use laser materials processing, test & inspection, electronics manufacturing, optical cable manufacturing, optics assembly, quantum photonics, silicon photonics, advanced manufacturing, and additive manufacturing.

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