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L-812 Linear Modules for Precision Motion and Industrial Automation

The new high performance linear motion modules combine high load, force, and robustness for applications including laser processing, precision assembly, and medical engineering.

High Performance Linear Modules for Precision Motion in Demanding Industrial Automation Applications

PI is offering a new series of affordable linear modules for high performance industrial automation applications. The L-812 complements the V-855 direct-drive linear module series of high-speed positioning stages. Available with stepper motors and synchronous servo motors, the new ball-screw driven L-812 linear modules are designed with higher force applications in mind compared to the faster V-855, linear-motor driven slides.

The linear modules are equipped with recirculating ball bearings for high load and high duty cycles. For applications that require a vertical linear slide, a holding brake is available.

XY and XYZ Stage Configurations, Travel Ranges

L-812 modules are available with travel ranges from 102mm to 610mm (4” to 24”). Two linear modules can easily be combined to provide XY motion and with the availability of the brake, a Z-axis can be added for XYZ multi-axis motion and precision automation applications. The folded drive train with the motor side-by side with the linear stage reduces the length and facilitates integration.

The design allows for external relubrication of the ball screw inside the L-812 linear module to provide long life under industrial high duty cycle motion applications.

High Resolution Encoders and Low Friction Design

The low friction design, along with powerful motors and high-resolution encoders, enables assembly and test automation applications where high tracking performance is critical, and motion errors and settling times need to be kept to a minimum. Customers have the option of lower cost rotary encoders or higher performance linear encoders, both relative and absolute measuring.

Motor Options Synchronous Motors and Stepper Motors

Synchronous servo motors are preferred in high performance industrial precision motion applications due to their long lifetime, high torque, wide dynamic range (rotational speed range), and capacity to handle overloads. In addition, the low moment of inertia and fast response enable motion with high dynamics and positioning accuracy.  

For applications where open-loop control is sufficient and cost is more of an issue, 2-phase, micro-stepped, stepper motors are also available.

Application Fields of the L-812 Precision Linear Modules

Micro-assembly, test, electronics manufacturing, sensor and camera test and placement, laser micro-machining, laser drilling, materials processing, PCB manufacturing, high performance inkjet printing, medical engineering, medical equipment manufacturing, laser welding, robotic systems in biotech and gene research labs.