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Motorized Kinematic Mirror Mounts – Piezo Mirror Mounts

High Precision Motorized Mirror Mount Family for Ambient and Vacuum

PI, world renowned for its piezo-actuated fast laser beam steering mirror mounts, provides a very compact motorized kinematic mirror mount, the N-480 product family for laser applications with larger angular and lower-dynamic requirements. Driven by high resolution piezo motorized micrometer screws, angular steps as small as 0.3µrad in θXθY are feasible. 

High Angular Stability

Due to the self-locking capabilities of the piezo motor actuators, the motorized kinematic mirror mounts provide excellent long-term angular stability, even when powered down. This is critical when optical paths need to be aligned and kept drift-free over long periods of time.

Tip/Tilt Angles and Aperture Sizes

The kinematic motorized mounts provide tip/tilt angles up to 16 degrees θX θY. They are available for mirrors and optics diameters of ½ inch, 1 inch, and 2 inches.

Standard and Vacuum Versions

The N-480 precision mirror mounts are available for ambient conditions and vacuum to 10-6 hPa available

Compact Controllers

The precision motorized kinematic mounts can be operated with the compact E-872.401 piezo motor controller.

High Speed Laser Beam Steering

For high bandwidth laser beam steering, visit our fast laser steering mirror mount overview page.