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6DOF Miniature Hexapod 6-Axis Robotic Stage for Vacuum Applications

High Performance Multi-Axis Motion in a Compact Package

PI’s hexapod motion systems family keeps growing, the latest member is the H-811.iV vacuum compatible miniature 6-axis hexapod stage. This miniaturized multi-axis positioning stage provides high performance motion in a very compact package. Hexapod multi-axis stages are often used in active optical alignment and silicon photonics applications due to their versatility, precision and responsiveness.  A programmable pivot point allows the user to adapt the motion system to any alignment application quickly without retooling.  The mini hexapod has a load capacity of 11lbs and provides a maximum linear travel range of 34mm and maximum rotational range of 42 degrees.  The position repeatability is ±0.06µm.   Additional technical data are available on the H-811 vacuum hexapod product specifications page.

PI’s hexapod design experience spans 4 decades with a large variety of models for different speed, load, force, dynamics and size ratings for applications from photonics alignment to medical treatment and astronomical telescopes. 

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All PI hexapod stages can be paired with dedicated hexapod controllers and hexapod software based on decades of design experience with parallel kinematic motion systems. All coordinate transformations are internal, no need for the user to do any external math. PI hexapods are easy to program, allow the user to change the center of rotation with one command, and come with high level alignment functions built in. PI’s free hexapod software simulates the limits of workspace and load capacity, thereby ensuring the hexapod you choose will handle the loads, forces, and torques in your application.