Nanopositioning Stages – High Performance

Piezo-Flexure Stages for Nanopositioning Applications

P-915KLVS Large Aperture, Vacuum Compatible XYZ Nanopositioning Stage and Piezo Scanner

With a large clear aperture of 200x200mm, the P-915KLVS piezo nanopositioning stage provides 3-axis motion in XYZ with high-dynamics (fast start stop, and settling, scanning performance).  The piezo stage is vacuum compatible.

  • Vacuum Compatible to 10-6 hPa
  • Direct Metrology with Nano-measuring Capacitive Sensors, Sub-Nanometer Resolution
  • Excellent Straightness: <0.1 µrad Runout
  • Frictionless, Zero-Wear, High-Precision Flexure Guiding System    


P-915KVPZ Large Aperture, Vacuum-Compatible Piezo-Z Stage

The P-915KVPZ piezo nanopositioning stage, for vertical Z-Axis motion, offers high-load capacity and  high dynamics with its direct-drive, high-stiffness piezo drive design.  The large clear aperture is an advantage in lithography and transmitted light applications.

  • Travel Range 45 µm
  • Large Clear Aperture 273 x 273 mm
  • Nanometer resolution with Capacitive Sensors
  • Direct Drive Piezo Actuators for High Dynamics and Stiffness
  • Vacuum Compatible up to 10-6 hPa
  • Outstanding Lifetime Due to PICMA® Piezo Actuators


Datasheets & Additional Information

  • Motion Ranges to 100x100 µm in X,Y & to 10µm in Z (vertical)
  • 0.1 nanometer resolution with Capacitive Sensors, Ideal for Super-Resolution Microscopy
  • High-Speed Versions with Direct Drive Piezo Actuators
  • Parallel Kinematics for Better Multi-Axis Accuracy and Dynamics
  • Parallel Metrology for Active Trajectory Control
  • Frictionless, High-Precision Flexure Guiding System
  • Clear Aperture 50 x 50 mm for Transmitted-Light Applications


P-733.2UD Specifications 

  • Ultra-High-Performance Closed-Loop Piezo Scanner for AFM/SPM
  • Compact Manipulation Tool for Bio/Nanotechnology
  • Resonant Frequency 9.8 kHz
  • Capacitive Sensors with Sub-nanometer Resolution for Highest Accuracy
  • Parallel-Motion Metrology for Automated Compensation of Guiding Errors
  • Piezo drives with 50 Picometers Resolution
  • 5 x 5 x 5 µm Motion Range


Datasheets & Additional Information

P-363 Specifications 


Nanopositioning Stage Overview

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