Hexapod, Low Cost

New Hexapod 6-Axis Positioning Stage

The PI H-820 low cost hexapod, 6-axis stage was developed for applications that require multi-axis motion and high flexibility but do not need sub-micron precision. This hexapod model caters to these needs with linear travel to 100 mm, rotary travel to 60°, load capacity of 20 kg.

High velocity and long service-life is guaranteed by direct drive brushless servo motors. Position repeatability is in the low micron range.

A hexapod motion controller and motion software are available for all PI hexapods (see bottom of page).

Motion Controller & Motion Software
PI hexapod 6-axis stages are very easy to use and integrate. A dedicated C-887 hexapod motion controller and an extensive motion software package is available. Motion is commanded in directly in Cartesian coordinates. The selection of an arbitrary, pivot point is via one software command (important for alignment applications). In addition, the digital controller supports a LabVIEW-based software environment. The integration in text-based programming languages under Microsoft Windows or Linux is simplified by program libraries and exemplary codes.

Hexapod Simulation tools and virtual hexapod software is included. They can be made available in advance. This way, the virtual Hexapod can be tested and integrated in the customer before delivery to save valuable time.

More information on the C-887 Controller for Hexapod Positioning Systems.


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