From IoT to IoP - the Internet of Smart Piezos

A discussion with leading piezo experts on ceramics, nanopositioning, intelligent piezo systems, and weather stations - Dr. Harry Marth, Head of Piezo Technology Innovation, and Dr. Mathias Bach, Head of Piezo Systems at Physik Instrumente (PI), Karlsruhe, Germany. Most people would be looking forward to retirement after a successful career of 45 years. But Dr. Harry Marth is not like most people. Instead, he is most likely the world's foremost expert on advanced piezo nanopositioning technologies. You would never know, meeting him casually, because despite all his achievements over several decades with PI, he has remained humble.



Compact Hexapod with Higher Performance for Industrial Alignment Applications

PI has added a higher performance model to its range of compact hexapods. The New H-811.i2 provides twice the velocity along with sensor resolution up to 8 times higher compared to the current H-811.D2 miniature hexapod. The compact size, robust design with low friction ballscrews brushless motors, and powerful controller with multi-axis alignment capabilities make the new hexapod an ideal tool for high duty cycle alignment applications in optics, automotive, and photonics applications. 

  • Tested to deliver 20+ million motion cycles
  • Multi-axis motion repeatability is as good as 0.06µm
  • Travel ranges to 34mm linear / 42° rotary
  • Load capacity to 5kg
  • Actuator resolution to 5 nanometers
  • Velocity to 20 mm/second
  • Vacuum-compatible versions available


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NEW Mini Piezo-based Fast Steering Mirror Platforms (FSM)

With milli-second response and settling time and high dynamic linearity, the new S-335 fast steering mirror (FSM) platforms are ideal for precision image processing and image stabilization, laser beam steering, materials processing, and lithography.

  • Miniature design
  • Optical beam deflection to 70mrad (4°)
  • For mirrors up to 25.4mm (1") diameter
  • Frictionless, high-precision flexure guiding system
  • 5nm sensor resolution


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NEW Piezoelectric Micro-Tubes for Imaging, Endoscopy, and Fiber Optic Applications

The new line of ultra-compact piezoelectric tubes, with an inner diameters down to 200 microns, are suitable for nanopositioning, fiber alignment, and imaging applications in medical, optics/photonics, and microscopy applications. 

Custom geometries (length, diameter) and custom materials are available, in addition to the large variety of standard piezo tubes and tubular stack transducers offered by PI. Customers can choose from electrodes applied in thick-film and thin film technology. Other options include multi-segmented electrodes for multi-axis scanning operation and modified response behavior as well as wrap-around contacts for easy integration into a mechanical assembly.


Technologies for Precision Motion Control & Automation

Watch and learn about motion positioning control and automation solutions thru real-life applications and animation.

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2000+ Custom PI Actuators Drive the Largest Optical Telescope in the World

High atop the Cerro Armazones in the harsh but extremely dry environment of the Chilean Atacama Desert, more than 2000 custom hybrid actuators will adjust 798 quarter ton segments in the primary mirror of the Extremely Large Telescope (ELT). PI designed a new type of actuator that would meet the extreme requirements and won the European Southern Observatory (ESO) contract.



Small, Precision, Affordable: Linear Motor Stage with Magnetic Direct Drive

The newest addition to the PIMag® series of high dynamics linear motor stages, the V-408 stage is designed for automation tasks and is equipped with an incremental linear encoder for direct position measurement and a high-force 3-phase linear motor drive.

  • Travel ranges 25 and 50mm
  • Velocity up to 1.5m/sec
  • Linear encoder, 10nm resolution
  • Crossed roller bearings


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NEW Engineered Precision Motion Systems - Catalog & Webpage 

Engineered systems have always been a core business for PI, with creative-thinking engineers that have vast experience selecting the right technology for each individual application. This in-depth knowledge can save you time by developing a complete solution system for your application.


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Discover What Product You Need - Quickly & Easily!

Find the best-fitting product for your motion and positioning task as fast as possible with PI's new Product Finder. Get started by choosing product type and axes of motion required. 


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Design Seminars & Access to Motion Specialists

An on-site educational Lunch & Learn session is a great way to get PI solution information that is tailored to your specific application concerns. Best yet, it's FREE.

  • Typically run in (2) 45 minute sessions for Engineers, Design Specialists, and others who have an interest in precision motion control problem solving, all you provide is the room.
  • PI provides the food for pre-registered attendees, and delivers the information you need - not a sales pitch.

Topics include

  • Basics of Piezo Flexure Mechanisms
  • Advances in Automated Photonics Alignment
  • Benefits and Limitations of Parallel Kinematics Motion Systems (Hexapods)

Consider a PI Lunch & Learn as you try to solve your motion and positioning challenges. Email us at to set-up your educational session.

Need Advice? Talk to Precision Motion Experts at these upcoming events:


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