High Performance Motion Control for Industrial Applications

High performance motion control plays a key part in positioning and handling applications, such as those in semiconductor manufacturing, laser and materials processing, optical inspection systems, additive manufacturing or industrial digital printing. In addition to providing reliability and robustness, deterministic behavior with minimized latency, high-speed synchronization with external devices, such as lasers and cameras, is required to achieve sub-micrometer path accuracy, exact positioning repeatability, high dynamics, and throughput. Safety, ease of operation, and state-of-the-art connectivity for integration into industrial network environments are further requirements.


High Precision in Any Orientation Rotary Air Bearings Series

With a max payload of 13 to 425kg and virtually unlimited life, PI's RM series is a complete positioning solution designed for accuracy, precision, high stiffness, and ease of use and based on in-house technology development and manufacturing. Featuring high performance, low-cogging frameless slotless torque motors and optical encoders, these stages can be used in any orientation. The PIglide RM rotary positioners provide velocity to 2500rpm and extreme precision with radial motion errors as low as ±50nm, axial runout as low as ±50nm, and tilt errors down to 0.3arc-sec.

  • Table Diameters from 50mm to 300mm
  • 425kg Max Payload
  • Radial/Axial Error Motion < 200nm
  • Vertical or Horizontal Mounting
  • Direct Drive Brushless Torque Motor
  • Optical Encoder
  • Completely Non-contact and Frictionless


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Honey, I shrunk the V-8 engine! New Powerful PiezoMotor

Borrowing from the classic design of a V-8 engine to achieve high push/pull and holding forces, patented piezo actuator technology and linear stepping motion design principles come together to create the fastest and strongest non-magnetic drive of its class size. These piezoelectric motors are self-clamping, i.e. at rest or in steady state mode, they automatically hold the position without any need for power. Learn how this technology can be used in your application.

  • 3 Travel Ranges from 25mm to 100mm
  • Compact Design, Open and Closed-loop Available
  • 0.02nm Resolution
  • 60N (13lbs) Power-off Holding Force
  • 50N (11lbs) Push/Pull Force
  • Low Operating Voltage
  • Self Locking, with No Heat Dissipation, Nanometer Stability


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Integrated XY Linear Stage for Metrology

With a travel range of 8x8" (205mm) and velocity to 8"/sec (200mm/sec), the V-731 delivers high accuracy and smooth motion. Precision crossed roller bearings with anti-creep cage assist guarantee precise guiding accuracy of 3µm straightness for loads up to 5kg.

  • Linear and Stepper Motors
  • Linear Encoder Resolution 10nm
  • Velocity to 200mm/sec
  • Load Capacity to 5kg
  • Travel Range 205x205mm (8")


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Discover What Product You Need - Quickly & Easily!

Find the best-fitting product for your motion and positioning task as fast as possible with PI's new Product Finder. Get started by choosing product type and axes of motion required. 

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Need Advice? Talk to Precision Motion Experts at LASER World of PHOTONICS

YOU'RE INVITED to see new PI products - precision automation systems for high tech industries, air bearings, piezo motors, nanopositioners, photonics alignment, beamline instrumentation - and pick the brains of a PI Engineer. Get the advice you need on how to meet the toughest motion requirements in your next project. 

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Small, Fast, Strong: High Resolution Linear Actuator Has 66 Lb. Pushing Force

Designed for highly accurate and fast repetitive industrial applications, the L-239, equipped with precision ground ball screws for higher speed and a longer service life, has a positioning range of 52mm (2"), pushing force of 300N (66lbs), and 50mm/sec (2"/sec) maximum velocity. The nonrotating tip enables uniform motion as it prevents wobble, torque, and wear at the point of contact. Noncontact limit switches protect the mechanics, while a direction-sensing reference point switch speeds up the homing procedure and supports automation applications. For vacuum-applications, special versions to 10-9 hPa are available.

  • Choice of Servo and Stepper Motors
  • 52mm (2") Motorized Positioning Range
  • Pushing Force to 300N
  • Maximum Velocity: 50mm/sec
  • Design Resolution: 0.1µm
  • Reproducibility: 0.5µm

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