M-110, M-111 High Resolution, Closed-Loop Motorized Micro Translation Stages

Application Examples 

Photonics packaging, fiber optic instrumentation, fiber alignment, metrology, quality control, test equipment, micro machining.

M-110 and M-111 are ultra-high resolution motorized micropositioning translation stages providing linear motion of 5 and 15 mm in an extremely compact package. They feature a precision leadscrew with sub-micron resolution and precision linear ball bearings guaranteeing < 0.5 µm straightness of travel. 

Both stages provide a cost-effective solution for industrial and OEM applications. A closed-loop servo motor, or stepper motor, actuates motion via a backlash-compensated leadscrew / nut system and gearhead.

A high performance multi-axis translation stage combination with closed-loop multi-axis piezo nanopositioning stage is shown below:

To meet the most critical positioning demands the DC motor is equipped with a high resolution encoder featuring resolution of 0.007 µm per count. The combination of the extremely low stiction / friction construction and high resolution encoder allows for minimum incremental motion of 50 nanometers at speeds up to 2.5 mm/sec. 

A similar miniature motorized stage with integrated linear encoder is shown here:

To protect your investment, non-contacting Hall-Effect limit switches are integrated. Each stage includes a 0.5 m cable with 15 pin D-sub connector and a 3 m extension cable. The connector features integrated line drivers for cable lengths up to 10 meters between actuator and controller.

M-110 and M-111 can be combined to XY and XYZ systems for multiaxis alignment applications. A variety of add-on Piezo-NanoAlignment units are available, too. 


M-110.1DG Micro Translation Stage, 5 mm, Closed-Loop DC Motor
M-111.1DG Micro Translation Stage, 15 mm, Closed-Loop DC Motor
M-110.12S Micro Translation Stage, 5 mm, 2 Phase Stepper Motor
M-111.12S Micro Translation Stage, 15 mm, 2 Phase Stepper Motor

Travel range 515mm 
Design resolution0.0070.007µmA3
Min. incremental motion0.050.05µmA4
Unidirectional repeatability0.10.1µm 
Max. velocity1.52.5mm/sec 
Max. normal load capacity1010kg 
Max. push/pull force1010NB2
Max. lateral force1010N  
Encoder resolution20482048counts/rev. 
Drive screw pitch 0.4 0.4mm/rev. 
Gear ratio28.44444:128.44444:1  
Nominal motor power0.62W 
Motor voltage range0 to ±12 0 to ±12V 
Recommended motor controllersC-842, 

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