E-411.C0 High Speed NanoAutomation Controller

  • High Speed Parallel Port (4 µsec/Command)
  • Controls PIco TM Piezo Translators with Integrated Capacitance Sensors
  • Galvanic Isolation for EMI Immunity
  • Unique Multi-Axis Addressing Capability for up to 16 Axes Controlled via one Cable from one PC or PLC
  • On-Target Signal for higher Troughput
  • Integrated Piezo Power Amplifier

E-411.C0 closed-loop servo controller offers unmatched responsiveness and precision for the most demanding OEM applications. The latest member of PI's throughput-optimized NanoAutomationTM line, it is optimized for use with PI HVPZT Piezo mechanisms with capacitive sensors such as PIco Piezo Translator line.

Used with a model P-410.C15 PIco Translator actuator, it provides better than 2.5 Ångstrom resolution and sub-msec step times.

Its ultra fast digital command port (16 bit, 4 µs/ command) allows for higher throughput than than any other system on the market. In addition it features superior external synchronization provisions, streamlined support for multi-axis configurations (up to 16) and galvanic isolation to eliminate coupled EMI as a source of low-level position modulation. A high-bandwidth analog input (0 to 10 V) is also standard.

E-411.C0 is compatible with PI's exclusive MachTM Throughput CoprocessorTM for the fastest possible overall system throughput.

E-411.C0 is also equipped with a Piezo power amplifier providing -200 to 600 V and 30 mA (peak) sink and source current. It is packaged in a metal case for EMI protection and comes with an external power supply. 

Target applications include track profiling, scanned-probe microscopy, microablation and active optics.

This is a legacy product that may have limited availability or may have been replaced. Ask a PI engineer for an equivalent new model.

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