Piezo Actuators in Medical Implants

Miniaturized Multilayer Actuators with Low Power Consumption

Providing mobile medical devices decisively improves patients’ quality of life. Systems implanted in the body, for example, are almost invisible to third parties. These implantable medical devices are used in a wide variety of applications, ranging from micropumps for drug dosing to hearing aids.

What they all have in common is that they require miniaturized piezo elements with as little energy consumption as possible. PI Ceramic offers piezo components exactly for this purpose: >> PICMA® Multilayer Piezo Actuators, especially >> PICMA® Bender Actuators, are ideally suited for implantable medical devices, as they can be manufactured in an extremely compact way.

Piezo Actuators Meet the Safety Requirements of Medical Technology

For use in medical implants, we manufacture PICMA® Multilayer Actuators with a structure of particularly thin layers: Film thicknesses of up to 20 µm require control voltages of well below 50 V. This means that the high safety standards for applications within the body can be met. The all-ceramic insulation of the PICMA® actuators makes them highly reliable. Plastics that could outgas are not used and, therefore, cannot have any harmful influences.


Clean Room Environment in Production

PI Ceramic has extensive experience with specific requirements for piezo actuators for medical devices. Especially components for implantable medical devices require a suitable manufacturing environment – PI Ceramic manufactures in clean rooms up to ISO class 6.

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