Linear to Angular Conversion Math for Tangential Rotary Tables / Rotation Stages

These apply for the M-035 tangential rotary table and M-036 tangential rotary stages. In these tangent arm driven rotation stages, a linear motion provided by a precision linear actuators. The angular equivalent to the linear actuator's displacement can be calculated by the following equation:

a » arctan (x/ro)

x = displacement of linear actuator [mm]

a = rotation angle [deg]

ro = distance of linear actuator contact point to center of rotation @ 0 degrees [mm]

r0 is 44 mm for M-035 rotation stages and 66 mm for M-036 rotation stages.

The rotation angle of an M-035 for a linear displacement x = 5 mm is:

a » arctan (5/44) » 6.48 degrees.

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