Precision Motorized Translation Stages & Hexapods

Motorized linear translation stages are at the heart of most automation or research applications involving motion and accurate positioning.  As the world leader in micro-positioning technologies and parallel kinematics, PI offers the broadest and deepest range of backlash-free, screw-driven, and linear motor-driven linear translation stages as well as multi-axis hexapod stages for high performance positioning, alignment and automation systems. Our engineers can recommend the right technology for almost any complex positioning process with micro- and nanoscale levels of accuracy.

Alongside our innovative range of high-reliability 6-axis hexapods, we supply a wide selection of single and multi-axis translation stages for research and industrial automation markets alike. These include both ultra-high precision Air Bearing Translation Stages and Motorized Linear Stages with mechanical ball bearings or crossed-roller bearings.

Linear Motion Ranges from 25mm to 1000 mm Travel, Sub-Micrometer Minimum Incremental Motion
Our precision motorized stages are available in a wide variety of travel ranges from 25mm to 1000mm. High precision encoders, bearings with minimum or negligible friction, and performance controllers allow these stages to provide bidirectional repeatability and minimum incremental motion below 1µm and down to the nanometer range if required.

From Single Axis Stages to Multi-Axis Motion Systems: X, Z, XY, XYZ, up to 6 Degrees of FreedomLow profile, space saving designs allow stack-ability and reduce tilt errors. Motorized XY stage combinations of single axis linear stages (or XY motion based on two axis planar stages), XYZ systems, vertical stages, tip/tilt, goniometers, and rotary positioners are also available for multi-axis automation and alignment projects. Most of our positioning systems use linear encoders for improved accuracy and position repeatability. Linear encoders measure the position directly, as opposed to rotation encoders that monitor the motor position.  Play or losses in the drive train are detected by a direct measuring encoder and eliminated with a closed-loop controller.

Ultra-High Precision Linear Motorized Translation Stages
While low-cost stages and micro-translation stages are often equipped with leadscrews and stepper motors, higher performance models use preloaded, zero-backlash ball-screws with brushless DC-motors or direct-drive 3-phase linear motors. At the upper end of the spectrum, frictionless micro-positioners with outstanding resolution, repeatability, straightness, and flatness meet the highest demands on lifetime and process accuracy. PI’s high end offering of motorized translation stages use air bearings to eliminate friction, providing exceptionally long instrument service lives with unmatched long-term performance in regards to operating precision. These translation stages are routinely employed in metrology and high throughput positioning applications. Actively compensated vertical translation stages based on air bearings are available mounted on split gantry systems with granite base or optical tables.

Motorized Linear Stages and Vertical Translation Stages
Linear and vertical translation stages (Z-axis) with mechanical ball bearings and crossed roller bearings form the backbone of PI’s new range of motorized linear stage solutions. Suitable for clean room, vacuum, and ultra-high vacuum (UHV) environments, our motorized translation stages offer high-reliability positioning solutions with excellent system integration capacities.

Servo Motor Controllers
High performance motion controllers with Ethercat interface and ability to synchronize multi-axis movement with external instruments and lasers, are an integral part of every positioning system. PI solutions are based on ACS controls. 

PI: Ideal Partner in Precision Positioning and Motion Control
PI provides access to the most advanced motion technologies on the market with a comprehensive choice of motorized drives, high-accuracy linear actuators, and piezo nanopositioning stage add-ons. Browse our full range of high resolution linear slides and tech-blog articles for information on how PI can help you achieve new levels of performance in your sector.

If you have any questions about using PI linear translation stages in a specific application, simply contact us today.

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