Precision Translation Stages & Hexapods

As the world leader in micro-positioning technologies and parallel kinematics, PI offers the broadest and deepest range of translation stages and hexapods for precision motion applications. Our engineers can prescribe the right technology for almost any complex positioning process with micro- and nanoscale levels of precision.

PI started designing hexapods three decades ago and today is the global leader with thousands of high precision 6-axis parallel-kinematics positioning stages in the field. Alongside our innovative range of high-reliability 6-axis hexapods, we supply a wide selection of single and multi-axis precision translation stages for academic and industrial markets alike. These include both ultra-high precision Air Bearing Translation Stages and Motorized Linear Stages with mechanical bearings.

Ultra-High Precision Translation Stages
Frictionless positioners with outstanding resolution, repeatability, straightness, and flatness meet the highest demands on lifetime and process accuracy. PI’s ultra-high precision range of translation stages use air bearings to eliminate friction, providing exceptionally long instrument service lives with unmatched long-term performance with regards to operating precision. These translation stages are routinely employed in metrology and high throughput positioning applications.

Motorized Linear Stages
Mechanical bearing translation stages with ball bearings and crossed roller bearings form the backbone of PI’s new range of motorized linear stages. Suitable for clean room, vacuum and ultra-high vacuum (UHV) environments, our motorized translation stages offer high-reliability positioning solutions with excellent system integration capacities.

PI: Ideal Partner in Precision Positioning and Motion Control
PI provides access to the most advanced motion technologies on the market with a comprehensive choice of motorized drives and piezo flexure stage add-ons. Browse our full range of precision linear slides and application notes for information on how PI can help you achieve new levels of precision in your sector.

If you have any questions about using PI linear translation stages in a specific application, simply contact a member of the team today.

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