Linear Slide Products / Precision Linear Slides

Linear slides are positioning systems consisting of a moving platform and a stage base, usually with linear bearings or crossed-roller bearings. For precision positioning applications the slides are motorized. PI provides a large variety of innovative linear slide systems with a variety of drives from stepper motors to servo motors and piezo linear motors.

Motorized linear slides typically provide resolutions from 1 micron to 10 nanometers. Some systems can achieve even higher precision. In addition to standard motorized positioners, PI also provides a wide selection of piezoelectric flexure guided nano-positioners to meet the highest precision requirements in motion control.

Benefits of working with PI: Access to the broadest and deepest portfolio of precision motion technologies in the world; engineers who understand your applications and match it to the appropriate motion technology, be it a stepper motor driven lead screw system or a compact piezo linear motor drive. 

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