PI's Precision Automation & Piezo Transducer Solutions at MD&M, Starting February 11, 2020

Precision Automation Solutions for Micro-Assembly, Testing and Laser Machining as well as Piezo Transducers for Ultrasonic Sensors and Medical Actuators. 

February 11, 2020: MD&M, the world’s largest medical design and manufacturing event takes place at the Anaheim Convention Center. PI, a global leader in precision automation and piezo transducer technologies will present motion solutions for micro assembly, motion platforms for laser machining and a selection of piezo transducers for medical applications.

Product Examples

A variety of 6-axis hexapod parallel robots with motion characteristic not unlike the human hand are available from miniature sized to more than 1 ton load capacity. These versatile robotic positioning systems find use in many industries, with applications ranging from life sciences to photonics and micro-mechanical assembly.

PI gantry systems are employed in laser machining and in highly customized 3D printing and bio-printing applications.

Piezo transducers, manufactured by PI’s Ceramic division are state-of-the art in terms of performance, consistency, and cleanliness. Piezo sensor applications are found in ultrasonic sensing, bubble detection, and leakage detection to name a few. Piezo actuators are available for vapor generation (atomization), drug delivery, plaque removal, ultrasonic therapy, focused Ultrasound, bone conducting hearing aids and structural health monitoring. 


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