Piezo Motor Actuator for Nanopositioning

Precision Linear Actuator with Piezo Motor

  • Patented PiezoWalk®  Linear Motor Principle (not a Stick/Slip or Ultrasonic Motor)
  • To 10 N Push/Pull Force
  • Resolution to Picometer Range
  • Very Stiff Design, Fast Response & High Bandwidth
  • Dither & Step Mode
  • 20 mm Standard Travel Range
  • Compact (25x25x12 mm) and Cost-Effective
  • Low Voltage (40 V)
  • Self Locking Motor, with no Heat Dissipation, Nanometer Stability
  • Non-Magnetic and Vacuum-Compatible Working Principle

The novel N-310 NEXACT® PiezoWalk® Linear Actuator with linear motor are ultra-compact precision drives featuring travel ranges of 20 mm and push/pull forces to 10 N. With their high resolution, NEXACT® piezo stepper linear motors are ideal for high-precision positioning over long travel ranges. The N-310 linear actuator can be operated in open-loop and closed-loop mode (with the addition of an external position sensor). A variety of NEXACT® controllers facilitates the integration into micro- or nanopositioning applications.

Advantages of PiezoWalk® Piezo Linear Motor Actuators
NEXLINE® and NEXACT® linear actuators offer several advantages over traditional drive technologies:

  • Resolution in the picometer range
  • Compact dimensions
  • High drive forces from ten newtons (NEXACT®) up to several hundred newtons (NEXLINE®)
  • High dynamic performance with sub-microsecond response
  • Self-locking when powered down; no holding current
  • Zero backlash, no wear or maintenance, no mechanical components like gears or leadscrews.
  • Non-Magnetic and Vacuum-Compatible Operating Principle

Linear Actuator Overview

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