Piezo Driver, 2000W Power

High Voltage Amplfier provides High Power for Piezo Actuators

  • Very efficient through energy recovery design
  • 2000 W dynamic power
  • Multiple output ranges: 0 to 1100V, -260 to +780V, -550 to +550V, +260 to -780V, 0 to -1100V, Unipolar and bipolar operation
  • Differential operation of 2 piezoelectric actuators possible
  • 5 kHz Bandwidth
  • Computer interface and servo module upgrades

 The new E-481 High-Voltage Piezo Power Driver and High Voltage Amplifier (replacement for the E-480) is one of the most powerful and energy efficient amplifiers currently available for PZT positioning control. Driving the PICA series high-force piezo actuators it can provide forces in the 10 kN range to move very heavy objects fast and with nanometer precision.

The piezo amplifier's bipolar driver circuit provides 2000 W of dynamic power and an output voltage range of up to 1100 V or +/-550 V. With source / sink currents to 2000 mA and a bandwidth of 5 kHz, the E-481 can achieve very high slew rates, even with large capacitive piezoelectric loads

Applications Include: 
Active vibration damping and cancellation, cavity tuning, diamond turning, precision machining, non-circular turning of optics, smart structures (adaptronics), high-load precision positioning, laser tuning, high-speed switching.

Differential Drive Mode Provides more Flexibility 
The amplifier can be operated in both inverting and noninverting mode, with a DC gain of +/-100. The differential design allows two piezo actuators to be driven in push/pull mode, a plus in dynamic positioning applications where a maximum of force and stroke are required.

Innovative Energy Recovery Provides higher Efficiency 
The E-481 was specifically developed for reactive (capacitive) loads presented by large piezoelectric stacks. It is based on a novel design employing energy-recovery technology. Instead of dissipating the reactive power in the heat sinks, it is recovered so that only the active power used by the piezo actuators has to be supplied. During discharge of the actuators, the energy not used is returned and reused to supply the amplifier.

Upgrades: Computer Interface, Closed-Loop Position Control: 
The E-481 high-voltage amplifier can be upgraded with a computer interface and a variety of servo modules for closed-loop piezo operation.


Piezo Driver Overview

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