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Video: Voice Coil Stage for Fast Focus Control – Semi Tech, Metrology, Lasers

Linear Stage for precision Z-Focusing in test and measurement, surface metrology, laser processing, provides nanometer precision and long travel.

The video explains operation and applications of PI’s new V-308 voice coil stage for focus control and nanometer resolution. Controlling the Z-focus precisely is a critical feature in semiconductor surface metrology, laser control, and microscopy applications. There are several ways to achieve fast and accurate focus control. Piezoelectrics provide very high precision and speed over short travel ranges.  Voice coil motors are based on electrodynamic principles and allow longer travel ranges, while maintaining high precision and speed.

PI manufactures custom voice coil motors for use in their high performance motion and positioning product lines and for OEMs with very special demands that cannot be met off-the-shelf voice coil motors.

PI voice coil stages provide high performance positioning in a compact package. Single and XY stage combinations are available. In general, voice coil driven linear stages are used in positioning applications where high speed, high acceleration or high accuracy is required.

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