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Piezo Transducers: Spheres and Hemispheres from Miniature to 100mm OD

Piezo transducers are widely used in medical, scientific and industrial applications that require frequencies above 20 kHz (ultrasonic transducers).  

PI’s piezo transducer division PI Ceramic – a leader in piezo ceramics, piezo mechanisms and custom assemblies, now offers a new line of piezo spheres and hemispheres for various applications including flow measurement and sonar.

Inverse Piezo Effect
Piezo-electric materials convert mechanical energy into electrical energy (direct piezo effect) and vice versa (inverse piezo effect); the inverse piezo effect is harnessed for generating very precise motion and high speed oscillation. For ultrasonic applications that require high bandwidth, hemispheres and hollow spheres are currently available with an outside diameter range from 2 to 100mm and wall thickness for 200 microns.


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