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New Micro-Positioning Components and Solutions Catalog

Applications for linear and rotary stages with classical DC and stepper motors include the industrial fields and research where precise positioning of measuring tools, processing tools and cameras is mission critical.

Motion and precision positioning systems expert PI (Physik Instrumente) released a new catalog of engineered products necessary for precision positioning of medium loads used in industry and research. 

The products high-lighted in this catalog are developed to move loads of 10kg to 50kg  (22lb to 110lb) over distances up to 300mm. Rotation stages provide rotation angles of 360 degrees. Achieving accuracy in the micron and sub-micron realm is not a trivial matter and stages with ballscrew/servo or stepper drives combinations can be superior to direct drive motors when it is necessary to achieve high holding force, torque or particularly for vertical positioning. 

Linear and rotary stages are also available in compact sizes for easy installation into limited space.




Precision Motion Control Solutions - for Medium Load and Travel Ranges

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Press release: New Micro-Positioning Components and Solutions Catalog

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High res image: Micro-Positioning Components & Solutions Catalog

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