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L-408 Compact Linear Translation Stage Combines High Payload with Precision with Affordability

PI adds the L-408 linear stage, to their family of compact motorized translation stages.

The new linear stage strikes a good balance of load capacity and precision and minimized cost. It has applications in research and industry including optics, bio-tech, and assembly of miniature components and photonics instrumentation.

Compact and Precise

PI’s new compact X-axis linear stage provides precise motion and reliability with anti-creep crossed roller bearings.  Driven by a high resolution leadscrew with 0.5mm pitch, minimum incremental motion of 0.1 microns (100nm) is achieved over a travel range of 1 inch (25mm).  

Up to 44lbs Payload (200N) and 11lb Push/Pull Force (50N)

Despite its compact dimensions, the stage can handle payloads of 44lbs (200N) and provides a push/pull force of 11lbs (50N).

What Drives It?

Stepper and servo motors are offered with direct-drive and gearbox options.  The maximum velocity of the direct-drive stages is 10mm/sec.  The unidirectional repeatability of all versions is 0.5 microns.  High resolution, motor-mounted optical encoders provide position feedback to the motion controller for closed-loop operation.

Noncontact, optical limit switches and reference point switches with direction sensing in the middle of the travel range simplify use in automation tasks.

Features of the compact stages include:

  • - 1” (25mm) travel
  • - 0.1 - 0.5µm min. incremental motion
  • - 8 - 122nm encoder resolution
  • - 1 -10mm/sec max. velocity
  • - 40 - 50N push/pull force
  • - Servo & stepper motors


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