Performance Automation: New Linear Translation Stages and Controllers for High Speed / Precision Industrial Applications

PI’s new Ethercat Motion Controllers and V-817 linear translation stage series, based on ironless high-performance linear motors, is well-suited for precision automation applications such as mechanical assembly, lens alignment, laser micro-machining, additive manufacturing, and semiconductor test and inspection.

August 14, 2020 – The new linear stages have high load capacities of 60kg (130 lbs), guaranteed by robust and accurate recirculating bearing guides. Motion ranges start at 200mm (8 inches) all the way to 813mm (32 inches). High resolution optical linear sensors provide up to 1 nanometer resolution and can keep up with the high velocity of up to 3000mm/sec (118 inch/sec).

The maintenance free linear motors are frictionless and guarantee a virtually unlimited service life.


XY Stage Configurations

V-817 translation stages can be easily combined to provide precision XY motion, while providing a low profile.


Motion Controller Family with EtherCat Connectivity

The stages are compatible with the new G-901 industrial motion controller family. These controllers are based on ACS controller and driver modules, providing up to 1500W output per axis. Many sophisticated control features, such as Servoboost, NanoPWM and advanced algorithms for high speed contouring, virtual axes (Gantry Control), 3rd party device triggering, etc. are available and improve the throughput and performance in applications from Laser Machining to 3D Printing.

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