High Resolution Piezo Motor Actuator

NEXACT® Linear Actuator, Nano-Manipulator, Piezo Stepper Drive

  • Linear Actuator with  Piezo Linear Motor
  • Replaces Classical Lead Screw Actuators
  • Motion range 30 mm
  • Patented Piezo Walk Stepping Drive Principle, Ideal for Micro- and Nano-Manipulation
  • Optional Linear Encoder for Nanometer Resolution, Repeatability & Accuracy
  • Piezo Stepper Function with High Acceleration  for Cell Penetration
  • Two Operating Modes: Continuous Stepping Mode and Continuously Variable, High-Dynamics Analog Dithering Mode for up to 30 Picometer Resolution
  • Up to 10 N Linear Force Generation
  • Self Locking at Rest, no Heat Generation,
  • High Stability: No Closed-Loop Servo Jitter
  • Vacuum-Compatible and Non-Magnetic Versions

The compact N-380/N-381 linear actuators are driven by piezo linear motors. They have a number of advantages over classical lead-screw linear actuators. The novel drive principle allows long travel ranges and rapid accelerations, for high-dynamics / high-throughput applications.

An “analog mode” can be used for fast oscillations with amplitudes of several microns and frequencies to several 100 Hz. Open-loop and closed-loop models are available: the N-381 model is equipped with a high-resolution position sensor, allowing sub-micron repeatability. The N-380 open-loop version is intended for high precision applications where the absolute position is not important or is controlled by an external loop (video, laser, etc.).

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