Piezo Motors, Linear Motor Positioners & Rotary Piezo Motor Stages

PI manufactures electromagnetic linear motors and several types of piezoelectric linear motors.

Piezo Motors are intrinsically vacuum compatible, non-magnetic and self locking at rest, providing long travel compared to traditional piezo mechanisms. The individual drive concepts are optimized for different applications, they differ in their design, size, cost, force & speed and other performance parameters.

Piezo Inertia motors (stick-slip) are low-cost compact motors with forces to 10N and speed to 10 mm/sec.

Ultrasonic resonant motors (PILine®) are characterized by very high speed to 100’s of mm/sec and a very compact design.

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Linear Piezo Motors / Actuators for Integration

Linear Piezo Motor Stages

XY Linear Piezo Motor Stages

Rotary Piezo Motors: Direct Drive, Self Locking At Rest

Tip/Tilt Piezo Motor Stages

6-Axis Piezo Stages

PiezoWalk® linear motors can achieve high forces and picometer range resolution,  but are more complex and slower.

Piezo flexure mechanisms provide short travel, high forces & sub-nm resolution.

Electro-magnetic linear motors and air bearing stages are also available from PI.

Understanding the principles helps selecting the best type for an application. For background information refer to the piezo motion tutorial or ask a PI applications engineer for help.

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