High-Power Piezo Driver for OEMs

High-Power Piezo Driver / Voltage Amplifier with Energy Recovery for High-Dynamics 24/7 Operation

  • Efficient Piezo Driver with Very Low Power Consumption due to Energy Recovery Principle
  • 280 Watts - High Output Power Compared to the Compact Design: to
  • High Source & Sink Currents to 2 Amps
  • Output voltage -30 to +135 Volts
  • OEM Driver Module and Top-Hat-Rail Versions
  • Amplifier bandwidth, small signal 3.5 kHz
  • Short-circuit-proof

Piezo Driver with Energy Recovery
The E-617 piezo driver modules provide significantly higher power than conventional piezo amplifiers of similar size. The working principle of the E-617 series is ideally suited for high-dynamics scanning and switching applications.

The innovative, efficient circuitry reduces power consumption and heat dissipation, especially in dynamic applications. Charge is transferred to the piezo actuator using low-loss PWM techniques. When the actuator is discharged, the energy not consumed is fed through the energy recovery circuitry for reuse in the next charging cycle.

PI has introduced piezo drivers and amplifiers with energy recovery several years ago. An even more powerful high voltage driver (2000 Watts of peak power) is available as model number E-481.

High Performance with High Capacitive Loads 
The E-617 piezo drivers provide precision control of piezo actuators and positioning systems in open-loop operation with an analog control voltage amplified by the factor 12. Such analog operation is ideal for applications where fast response and very high resolution with maximum bandwidth are essential, but where commanding and reading the target position absolutely is either not important or carried out by external position sensors.

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