UHV and Non-Magnetic Compatible Drive Concepts

PI has extensive experience in the design of non-magnetic and UHV compatible ceramic motors. These can be implemented in single axis actuators or configured into multi-axis motion systems, for example space- saving, parallel- kinematic 6-axis hexapod designs. Examples of custom systems that have been designed are shown below include an UHV compatible, non-magnetic 6-axis nanopositioning stage featuring a height <90mm and a diameter of only 100mm. All 6 actuators are driven by PI’s patented PiezoWalk piezo stepping linear motors. PiezoWalk motors are capable of sub-nanometer resolution and often find applications in semiconductor manufacturing.

Example specifications of a custom compact 6-axis stage:

  • Ultra- compact 6-axis stage
  • UHV- compatible to 10-9 hPa
  • Nonmagnetic design, ceramic motors
  • Ultra- high precision flexure joints, zero backlash, no wear
  • Load capacity to 1.5kg
  • Travel ranges to 1.5mm in X,Y,Z, to 2° in Theta-X, theta-Y, Theta-Z

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