5-Axis Stage for Alignment of Optics, Fibers, Photonics and Optomechanical Components

A compact motorized 5-axis stage integrates goniometers and linear stages.

July 7, 2020 – The F-122 motorized 5DOF positioning stage is a compact solution for aligning (silicon) photonics and optics components, such as fibers, waveguides, lenses. As the leading innovator of high precision motion control solutions for 50 years, PI offers a host of 3-axis XYZ  to 6-axis precision motion systems for automation and research.


F-122 Compact System Design

The 5-degrees of freedom stage consists of an XYZ linear module based on the M-122 micro-positioning stages, equipped with linear encoders for direct position measurement providing high accuracy and repeatability. PI’s WT-85 and WT-100 goniometers are combined with a shared pivot point to perform high precision angular motion with resolution to 3.5µrad.

Extensive Software Package

Start-up and operation is achieved through PIMikroMove GUI software while programming interfaces allow the user to integrate a PI controller into their own user program. Interfaces are available for common programming languages, including NI LabVIEW and MATLAB.

Versatile, 6-Axis Motion Controller

A cost-effective 6-axis motion controller is available to automate operation of the 5-axis stage. 

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Multi-Axis Photonics Alignment Systems

Working with You

PI’s in-house engineered systems and components have enabled customers around the world to increase their productivity and technological advantage for 5 decades. With a large basis of standard precision motion products and proven methodologies, PI can quickly modify existing designs or provide a fully customized OEM solution to fit the exact requirements of the application.