E-710 High Speed, High Performance Closed-Loop Piezo Controller with Digital Servo and Linear Amplifiers

  • For Closed Loop PZTs with Capacitive Gauge Sensors
  • Three & Four Channel Versions
  • 32-bit Digital Filters, 20-bit Output Resolution
  • Fully Programmable Low Pass and Notch Filters
  • 4th Order Polynomial Linearization (channel independent)
  • Coordinate Transformation for Random Sensor/Actuator Geometry
  • Automatic Zero Adjust after Power-Up
  • Fast RS-232 and IEEE 488 Interfaces
  • Optional High-Speed DSP Link and Parallel-Port Interfaces
  • NanoCapture Software for System Optimization


The E-710 high performance Digital Closed-Loop Piezo Controllers are based on a 32 bit DSP and integrate up to 4 independent piezo drivers and high voltage piezo amplifiers for piezo nanopositioning stages and conditioning electronics for up to 4 capacitive position sensors. In contrast to analog multi-axis controllers, E-710 controllers have a distinct advantage: sensor and output channels of two or more axes can be combined by an internal coordinate transformation. 


Three linear sensors and 4 linear actuators suffice for precise XY-theta-Z position control. Also, control parameters can be easily modified and optimized by software.

E-710 closed loop piezo controllers are equipped with fast RS-232 and IEEE 488 interfaces. All positioning commands are in standard units such as micrometers, microradians, etc., for easy programming. In addition, all control settings are nonvolatile and user accessible.

Two versions of the E-710 digital piezo controller are available: E-710.4CL is the 4 channel version with individual sensor and piezo drive voltage LEMO connectors for each channel. Version E-710.3CD is equipped with one D-Sub connector for three sensor channels and four Piezo drive voltage channels, specially designed for XYqZ positioners such as P-517.RCD.


E-710.3CD Digital Closed-Loop Piezo Controller with Linear Amplifier, 3 Channels, D-Sub-Special Connector

E-710.4CL Digital Piezo Controller, 4 Channels, Lemo Connectors



digital PZT controller and power amplifier


4 (E-710.4CL); 3 (E-710.3CD)


DSP 32 Bit floating point, 33MHz

Sampling rates

100 m s (sensor), 200m s (servo loop, 4 channels)

Resolution DAC

20 bit

RS-232 interface

9600 Baud, up to 100 commands / sec

IEEE 488 interface

up to 300 commands / sec, address internally selectable

Maximum output power

25 W / channel

Average output power

6 W / channel

Peak output current < 20 ms

200 mA / channel

Average output current > 20 ms

50 mA / channel

Current limitation

short-circuit proof

Output voltage

-20 to +120 V

PZT voltage output sockets

LEMO ERN.00.250.CTL (E-710.4CL), D-Sub special (E-710.3CD)

Sensor sockets

LEMO PSA.00.250.CTAC22 (E-710.4CL), D-Sub special (E-710.3CD)


390 x 450 x 105 mm


7 kg

Operating voltage

90-120 / 220-264 VAC, 50-60 Hz

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This is a legacy product that may have limited availability or may have been replaced. Ask a PI engineer for an equivalent new model.

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