E-480 High Power High Voltage Piezo Amplifier Driver, Controller with Energy Recovery, 2kW Power

  • 2000 W Peak Power
  • Output Voltage 0 to -1000 V & Bipolar
  • Optional Closed Loop Feedback Position Servo Control Modules
  • Optional Display and Digital Computer Interface Module

The E-480 High Voltage Piezo Power Amplifier/ Closed-Loop Controller is specifically designed to drive high capacitance Piezo actuators. E-480 is based on a novel design employing efficient energy recovery technology and PWM (Pulse Width Modulation). Instead of dissipating the reactive power at the heat sinks, only the active power used by the piezoelectric element has to be delivered. During discharge of the piezoelectric actuator, the energy not used is returned and reused for the supply of the amplifier. E-480 can output and sink a peak current of 2000 mA in a voltage range of 0 to -1000 V (depends on connector configuration) and features a temperature sensor input and controller circuit to shut down the amplifier if the Piezo exceeds a maximum temperature threshold.

Because of the high output current, E-480 high voltage amp cannot be used to operate compact low piezoelectric translators. It is equipped with a special 8-pin connector. One of the pins is connected to the amplifier output (forward-voltage, variable between -500 to 500 V) the other pins are connected to fixed voltages (-500, -250, 0, 250, 500). This design allows bridge operation of two Piezo actuators.

E-480.00 allows installation of the following upgrade options for enhanced versatility:

Sensor & Servo Controller Modules for Closed Loop Piezo Operation

E-509.C1 Piezo Sensor/Controller Module, Capacitive Sensor

E-509.L1 Piezo Sensor/Controller Module, LVDT Sensor

E-509.S1 Piezo Sensor/Controller Module, Strain Gage Sensor

Voltage & Position Display Module

E-515.01 Display Module for Piezo Voltage and Displacement

Computer Interface and Display Module

E-515.i1 16 bit DAC Interface/Display Module, IEEE 488/RS-232

All standard versions can be operated in two ways.

  • Manual operation

The output voltage can be set by a 10-turn, DC offset potentiometer.

  • External operation

Output voltage is controlled by an analog signal applied to the BNC input ranging from 0 to 10 Volts. Multiplying by the gain factor of -100, an output voltage range of 0 to -1000 Volts results. The DC offset potentiometer allows for a continuous variation of the input voltage range between 0 V to +10 V and -10 V to 0 V.

Versions with the E-509 Sensor & Servo Controller Module upgrade allow closed loop operation in two ways:

  • Manual operation

Displacement of the PZTs can be set by a 10-turn, DC offset potentiometer in the range of zero to nominal displacement.

  • External operation

Displacement of the Piezo is controlled by an analog signal in the range of 0 to +10 V, applied to the BNC input. The controller is calibrated in such a way that 10 V corresponds with maximum nominal displacement and 0 V corresponds with 0 displacement. The DC offset potentiometer can be used to add an offset voltage of 0 to 10 V to the input signal.

E-480.00 High Power HVPZT Piezo Amplifier with Energy Recovery, 2000 W, 0 to -1000 V, 19" Rack Mount



power amplifier (servo controller option)



Maximum output power

2000 W

Average output power

equivalent to 600 W reactive power

Peak output current < 50 ms

2000 mA

Average output current > 50 ms

100 mA (OHM-Load)

Small signal bandwidth

5 kHz (660 nF); 1 kHz (3.4 µF)

Large signal bandwidth

1.4 kHz (660 nF); 350 Hz (3.4 µF)

Current limitation

short-circuit proof

Voltage gain

-100 ± 1, +100 ± 1 (selectable)


Negative/positive/bipolar (depending on connector configuration)

Control input voltage

0 to + 10 V, 0 to –10 V (jumper selectable)

Output voltage

-0 to –1000 V (-750 to +250, -500 to +500, -250 to +750, 0 to +1000 V, depending on connector configuration)


up to 0.3% (depends on voltage range and capacitance of Piezo)

DC offset setting

0 to 100 % of output voltage range with 10-turn pot.

Input impedance


Control input sockets


Piezo voltage output sockets

LEMO Special Connector


288x450x158 mm


8.6 kg

Operating voltage

90-120 / 210-250 VAC, 50-60 Hz

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This is a legacy product that may have limited availability or may have been replaced. Ask a PI engineer for an equivalent new model.

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