Nebulizers with Piezo Rings

For the therapy of respiratory diseases, drugs are traditionally administered by jet nebulizers. Compressed air atomizes the inhalation solution into very fine droplets. Alternatively, they can be generated using piezo technology in so-called membrane nebulizers.

Efficient Aerosol Generation with Piezo Elements

In membrane nebulisers, specially shaped piezo discs act as ultrasonic transducers and excite a stainless steel membrane with several thousands of holes to high-frequency vibrations, producing particularly homogeneous aerosols.

Piezo components from PI Ceramic offer the following advantages:

  • Flexible, compact designs: Rings, discs, plates
  • Flexible movement modes: Bending, arching, longitudinal. or shearing movement
  • High force generation, high acceleration, and high operating frequencies
  • No friction, no maintenance, no wear
  • Cost-effective thanks to large quantities

Additionally, we have in-depth know-how in assembling and connecting piezo components according to customer-specific requirements.

Membrane Nebulizers Are more Precise, Faster, and Quieter

The piezo-operated aerosol generation provides advantages for precise dosing: high-quality drugs can be administered in a more targeted manner. This provides access to innovative therapy concepts, significantly reducing the risk of side effects.

Membrane nebulizers require far less time to nebulize drugs than conventional systems. The high-frequency operation is noiseless for humans and the low energy requirement of the piezo components enables their use in battery-powered inhalation devices. This means an increase in quality of life, especially for patients with chronic respiratory diseases who have to inhale frequently. Piezoceramic components also master the special hygiene requirements that medical technology brings with it – piezoelectric aerosol generators are suitable for professional cleaning.

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