F-122 5-Axis Fiber Alignment Stage – Modular Multi-Axis Fiber Aligner

  • Alignment of Photonic Arrayed Devices
  • Angle optimization by goniometer
  • Safety due to integrated sensor technology
  • Long travel ranges to 25 mm respectively 10°
  • Maximum velocity of 20 mm/s respectively 15°/s

Modular Fiber Alignment Engine

The F-122 is a motorized 5-axis fiber optics alignment stage available with automatic alignment software. The XYZ linear setup of the fiber alignment system consists of three motorized linear stages from the M-122 series for linear motion, and the WT-85 and WT-100 goniometers for angular motion. All stages are distinguished by their high precision and robustness. All axes are operated in closed-loop servo mode with position feedback sensors, important to reliably prevent collisions with expensive silicon wafers.

Automatic optics alignment

In conjunction with the C-884.6DC 6-axis servo motor controller and the optional C-990.FA1 automatic alignment software, the F-122.5DC 5-axis motorized alignment stage can run fully automatic alignments of light-transmitting optical components. For this purpose, the optical intensity signal (for example from a PI optical power meter) is fed directly into the controller via its analog input.

Extensive software package

The 5-axis fiber alignment stage is supplied with an extensive software package including the PIMikroMove graphic user software for startup and operation of all PI systems.

Programming interfaces are included in the software package that allow the user to integrate a PI controller into their own user programs. The control of the positioning system therefore becomes part of the user program. Interfaces are available for all common programming languages including NI LabVIEW and MATLAB.

The optional C-990.FA1 alignment software for fiber optic components and systems provides a convenient method for setting up the individual motion axes for scanning, performing the scans, and displaying the results.

Application fields

Alignment of optical components, qualification of optical components in silicon photonics

This is a legacy product that may have limited availability or may have been replaced. Ask a PI engineer for an equivalent new model

Photonics Active Alignment Systems Overview