Direct-Drive Rotary Tables, High Precision Rotation Stages with Torque Motors

PI’s direct-drive rotary tables with frictionless, brushless, closed-loop torque motors provide the best combination of high accuracy, high velocity, and maximum service life. PI provides closed-loop direct drive rotary tables with both mechanical bearings and air bearings. Stage models with large apertures and low profile are available. The stage design is optimized for high speed, stiffness, and high load capacity.  If completely friction-free and maintenance free motion with virtually unlimited lifetime is required, air bearing rotation tables are recommended. These ultra-precision, high-speed rotary tables provide vibration-free motion with extremely high accuracy and negligible runout, wobble and eccentricity errors. The lack of lubricants makes these also clean room compatible and ideal for any high-performance metrology application in optics, photonics, and semiconductor manufacturing, test and metrology related projects.

Why Motorized Direct Drive Rotation Stages?

In contrast to worm gear driven rotary stages or belt-drive rotation stages, torque-motor direct drive stages eliminate play in gears, couplings or flex in drive belts, providing motion with zero backlash and excellent constancy of velocity, while achieving higher speed than worm-gear drives.

PI’s precision direct-drive, positioning tables can be used in high performance factory automation, research, semiconductor, and laser processing applications. Due to the use of brushless high-torque, motors with direct metrology position feedback, backlash is completely eliminated, and reliability is greatly improved.

What’s the difference between a Rotary Table and Rotary Stage?

Basically there is no difference. With larger models, a table is used more often, while smaller size models are often called stages.

What Angular Positioning Resolution can be Achieved?

With modern direct-metrology rotary encoders, sensor resolution down to 1/100th of a microrad is available on select models with large rotary table platforms, using the high interpolation factors modern closed-loop brushless motor controllers such as PI’s EtherCat based controllers provide.

Based on the high encoder resolution and powerful servo controllers, the direct-drive rotary tables also provide excellent velocity control, which is required in automation applications including high-speed laser processing, indexing, and semiconductor wafer inspection.

Most Direct Drive Rotation stages can be mounted horizontally and vertically, and with combinations all 3 rotary degrees of freedom (3DOF, pitch, yaw, and roll) can be addressed.

Compact Precision Direct-Drive Rotation Stages with Brushless Torque Motors and Mechanical Bearings

V-610 High Precision Rotation Stage
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V-610 High Precision Rotation Stage
Direct Drive, Direct Encoder
  • 25mm aperture, 100mm turn table
  • 27µrad min. inc. motion
  • 540°/sec max. velocity
  • 2kg load
  • Torque motor, sine/cosine encoder
  • Optional brake
V-611 High Precision Rotation Stage
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V-611 High Precision Rotation Stage
Direct Drive, Absolute Encoder Option
  • 35mm aperture, 100mm turn table
  • 1µrad min. inc. motion
  • 2880°/sec max. velocity
  • 10kg load
  • Torque motor
  • Sine/cosine or absolute encoder

Ultra-High Performance Direct-Drive Air Bearing Rotary Tables with Brushless Torque Motors

The PIglide RM series of motorized rotary air bearing stages are a complete positioning solution designed for accuracy, precision, high stiffness, and ease of use. They can be used in any orientation. These stages feature high performance, low-cogging frameless slotless torque motors, and optical encoders. Various options can be combined to create a solution ideal for point-to-point indexing or constant velocity scanning. Applications include optical alignment, metrology, inspection, calibration, and scanning. The RM stages offer superior runout, flatness, and wobble performance. Since they are completely frictionless, they exhibit no breakaway “stiction” or drag friction during operation. They are ideal for use in cleanrooms, require no maintenance or lubrication, and have unlimited life.
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A-621 - A-627 Air Bearing Rotary Stages
Direct Drive, High Load
  • 2/4/6/8/12” table diameter
  • 13 to 420kg load
  • 0.008µrad max. resolution
  • 40 to 100nm flatness
  • 500 to 2500 RPM max.
A-635/37 PIglide Rotary Stages
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A-634 – A-638 Air Bearing Rotary Stages
Low Profile, Large Diameter
  • 6/8/14” table diameter
  • 20/32/60/120kg load capacity
  • 0.03µrad max. resolution
  • <100nm eccentricity & flatness
  • 500  RPM max.
  • Self-locking option at rest
Rotary Air Bearing Stage with Aperture
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A-688 Air Bearing Rotary Stage
Large Clear Aperture
  • ⌀260mm clear aperture
  • 77kg load capacity
  • 0.0015µrad max. resolution
  • 500 RPM max.
  • Flatness/Eccentricity <175/300nm
  • Wobble:  < 1µrad
  • Direct drive

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