Controllers & Drivers / Motion Control Software

The performance and usability of a precision positioning system depends on the mechanics, motion control electronics, and software. PI offers dedicated controllers for traditional piezo actuated nano-positioning systems, as well as motorized positioning systems based on linear motors, brushless motors, servo motors, and stepper motors.  In addition, novel controllers for ultrasonic motors, stick-slip motors, and PiezoWalk motors are also available.

All controllers are accompanied with user software, programming examples, and drivers for leading programming languages and packages. Simulation software tools helps users and OEMs reduce time to market.

ACS Advanced EtherCat-based Industrial Motion and Automation Controllers
ACS, a world leading motion control company and member of the PI Group, provides a plethora of EtherCat based controllers and drivers for virtually any type of motor drive including voice-coil, three-phase linear, DC, BLDC, and stepper motors.  Specific laser control modules and software advance the performance in high-speed, high precision micro-machining, patterning, and glass cutting applications.